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St. Joseph Hospital's Response to the Leapfrog Group's November 2012 Safety Ratings

At St. Joseph Hospital, patient safety is our number one concern. This is why we applaud the efforts of organizations dedicated to reporting hospital outcomes and safety measures to consumers. However, the hospital safety scorecard released Nov. 28, 2012 by the Leapfrog Group relied in part on data from 2009; and we believe some data elements in the survey were inaccurate. As such, we agree with a statement released by the American Hospital Association that says the Leapfrog measures "do not provide an accurate picture of quality efforts in many hospitals today."

Current safety and outcomes data for St. Joseph Hospital earned national acclaim in 2012 by Consumer Reports magazine, which awarded the hospital an "A" rating for patient safety.

In 2000, St. Joseph Hospital launched what would grow into one of Orange County's first board-certified Hospitalists and Intensivists Programs offering highly advanced care 24-hours a day/seven days a week. This is why the hospital exceeds the national average in percentage of patients who rate the hospital a 9 or 10 overall (10 being the highest) and percentage of patients who would recommend the hospital to friends and family, according to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (www.hospitalcompare.com).

When selecting a hospital, consumers should check the results of patient surveys and compare the results of quality measures that show how well hospitals treat certain conditions. Consumers should also consult with their doctor when choosing the hospital that is best for them.