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Patient Safety

Your comfort and care is important to us, but we need your assistance:

  • Make sure we know of any allergies or sensitivities to food, medication or latex products you may have.
  • Make sure to wear your hospital identification band at all times.
  • Do not hesitate to ask your doctor or staff member for information if you don’t understand the reason or purpose of a test or treatment.
  • Please observe the safety precautions that have been designed as part of your treatment plan (e.g., calling for help when getting out of bed, observing safety precautions to prevent the spread of infection, etc.).
  • Please be sure to keep the call light easily within your reach.
  • Most importantly, if at any time you have a concern regarding quality, safety or accuracy, please let our staff or a supervisor know.

Patient Abuse/Neglect - Hospital Statement of Patient Safety

St. Joseph Hospital encourages you to immediately report any patient safety issues including but not limited to: care, treatment, services, abuse, neglect or exploitation from anyone including other patients, family members, visitors, students, volunteers or staff, to Hospital Administration by dialing “0” from any hospital phone and asking for the House Supervisor to be paged. If calling from outside the hospital, please call (714) 347-7946 and ask for the House Supervisor to be paged.

You may also contact the Joint Commission’s Office of Quality Monitoring to report any concerns or register complaints about this organization by either calling (800) 994-6610 or e-mailing

Cellular Phones

Cell phones are an appropriate form of communication but must be turned off in certain locations. These areas include our Critical Care Units, (CV-ICU, MICU, SICU), Cardiac/Renal Unit, Medical Telemetry unit, Surgical areas (CV-OR, CV-PACU, CV-Pre-Op, Main OR, Main SPU and Main PACU), Surgery Center (3rd floor St. Joseph Hospital Outpatient Pavilion) and the Behavioral Health Unit. If you have a cell phone on your person in one of these areas, please turn it off. A cell phone that is turned on is just as hazardous as if you actually use the phone to call someone. Observe posted signs as cell phones may interfere with patient care equipment. If visiting the above areas, please use lobby waiting or outdoor areas to use your phone. Please be considerate of others when using your cell phone.


To ensure your safety and wellbeing the hospital continually monitors and tests a wide range of security and safety measures. You may hear overhead announcements for drills and other messages. Be assured that your nurse will monitor these announcements and inform you of any pertinent information.


In case of an earthquake, stay in your bed. If possible, cover your head with your pillow. Your nurse will arrive as soon as possible. Keep your over-bed table and shelving clear of heavy objects that may fall. Your TV is seismically anchored to prevent it from falling. All windows have been treated with earthquake-resistant film to prevent glass from shattering and causing injury. Keep calm. A trained response team will provide assistance as soon as possible.

Electrical Equipment

To ensure everyone’s safety and compliance with California codes, your personal electrical appliances for grooming or comfort cannot be used because they do not meet hospital electrical safety codes. You may use personal battery-operated musical devices, CD players, radios, etc. with headphones. Please inform your nurse if you have any electrical equipment with you.

Fire/Code Red

For your protection and to comply with Fire Prevention Standards and local regulatory agencies, St. Joseph Hospital performs frequent fire drills.

When the fire bells are activated, remain calm and stay in your room. Fire doors will be closed during a drill. Patient rooms are built to resist infiltration of fire for at least one hour. Your nurse will arrive shortly with additional information or assistance. If appropriate, the nurse will remove you from the room.

To help prevent fires, please do not place items on the overhead lights above your bed.