Bariatric Surgery Program

Shirley Hartshorn
1140 W. La Veta Ave., Suite 470
Orange, CA 92868
  • Guided Imagery / Relaxation for Healing and Wellness
  • St. Joseph Hospital Bariatric Care Center
  • Volunteer at St. Joseph Hospital

Shirley has more than 25 years experience in individual and family counseling and pain management. She is guided by a holistic philosophy and continues her ongoing study and integration of the dynamic and powerful influence of the inner mind. "My greatest joy comes from observing the positive changes and healing people through guided imagery."

Shirley's background and degrees include Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.), Reiki 1 and 2, Eucharistic Ministries, Guided Imagery and Relaxation for Healing and Wellness, and 25 years experience in family and individual counseling. Shirley has also volunteered at St. Joseph Hospital for the past 7 years.

When she is not working or volunteering, Shirley enjoys visiting with her children and grandchildren, and traveling.