Behavioral Health Services

Community Counseling Services

At some point in our lives, each of us faces transitions or crises that may be very difficult to handle alone. These may include the death of a loved one; caring for an elderly parent; break up of a relationship; difficulty with children; loss of a job; retirement; chronic illness or other life adjustments. Discussing a problem with an understanding counselor can really make a difference. Not only does it help you work through your feelings, it’s also an opportunity to:

  • Recognize your strengths
  • Explore different attitudes
  • Consider alternative solutions
  • Choose “new” ways to deal with “old” issues

As a result of the counseling process, you can develop new coping skills and the motivation to redirect your life toward greater meaning and purpose.

St. Joseph Hospital's Community Counseling provides ongoing professional counseling services for individuals, couples and families. Our staff includes a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern and graduate student interns as available.

Self- referrals are welcome. We serve adults 18 years and older and welcome anyone with a desire to engage in therapeutic treatment. All services are offered on a sliding scale fee, which can be adjusted as individually needed. There is no initial administrative fee. Call (714) 771-8243 for further details on payment options.