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Blood Donor Center
Blood Donor Center
Blood Donor Center Services

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Blood Donor Center Services

Community Whole Blood Donation

Whole blood is divided into Packed Red Blood Cells and Fresh Frozen Plasma, helping at least two patients with each donation. Your body replaces the volume donated within 24 hours and the red blood cells donated within several weeks.

Giving blood is completely safe. All blood collection equipment used by the St. Joseph Hospital Blood Donor Center is sterile. Needles and collection bags are prepackaged in airtight, sealed plastic. These materials are used only once and then thrown away.

Blood from minority donors is always needed because different protein combinations are common to each race. The chances of finding the right blood for multiple-transfusion patients are increased when the donor is of the same race.

Automated Donation

  • Maximize Your Gift With New Technology
    Automated donation is a safe and simple process that enables us to collect specific blood components from a donor. An automated donation lets you donate red blood cells, platelets and plasma - separately or in combinations best suited to the needs of our community.
  • Is There Any Danger to the Donor?
    The new collection method is not only efficient, but also safe and comfortable. During the donation, blood is drawn from one arm and channeled through a sterile, single-use tubing set to a computerized system. The quality of the blood components and the amount of blood components being collected are carefully monitored by the system to assure donor and patient safety.
  • How Long Does Donation Take?
    Plan on spending about two hours for your automated donation. This includes time to answer the questionnaire and to make the automated donation. During the donation you may watch television (each donor recliner has a TV) or a movie (popcorn is usually available).
  • Designated Blood Donation for a Specific Person
    When we receive a physician's order, patients may select their own blood donors for their scheduled transfusion needs. The blood is reserved for the patient named on the order and stored in the St. Joseph Hospital Blood Bank for up to five weeks. Designated donors must meet all requirements of community blood donors, and are not considered a safer product. Blood not used by the specified patient is made available to the general community blood supply.

Autologous Blood Donation

  • Donating Blood for Your Own Surgery
    When we receive a physician's order, patients may schedule appointments to donate blood for their own surgery. This is called an autologous blood donation. The donated blood is refrigerated and stored in the St. Joseph Hospital Blood Bank for up to five weeks. This blood is held specifically for the person who donated it and may not be transfused to anyone else.
  • What Are the Advantages of Autologous Blood Donation?
    Because it is your own blood, you will avoid an inadvertent infectious agent or transfusion reaction. Instead, you can rest assured that the blood is an exact match.
  • What Are the Disadvantages of Autologous Blood?
    You may need to take additional iron to donate more than one time or to have a sufficient iron level for surgery. As with any transfusion, there is a slight risk of bacterial contamination in the unit of blood.
  • How Long Does It Take?
    Plan on spending about an hour. This allows time for insurance verification and registration, the donation and a recovery period. You must remain in the Blood Donor Center for 15 minutes after your donation. The actual donation only takes about 5-10 minutes.