Heart and Vascular Center

Pacemaker Interrogation

A pacemaker is an electrical device that regulates the speed and rhythm of the heartbeat. Usually these devices are used for hearts that beat too slowly. Pacemakers run on batteries and usually last many years.

Tell physicians, dentists and other health professionals that you have a pacemaker before you have any work done. Also notify the doctor or nurse where you work. Modern pacemakers have built-in features to protect them from most types of interference produced by other electrical devices you might encounter in your daily routine. Household appliances such as microwave ovens, televisions, radios, stereos, vacuum cleaners, electric brooms, electric blankets, electric knives, hair dryers, shavers, gardening machinery, toasters, food processors and can openers won't affect your pacemaker. Most office and light shop equipment such as computers, typewriters, copy machines, woodworking shop tools and metalworking tools also pose no risk to your pacemaker.