Heart and Vascular Center

About the Women's Heart Center

The Women's Heart Center provides:

  • Low-cost personal Heart and Vascular Screenings
  • Free heart and self-health risk assessments
  • Educational seminars addressing nutrition, exercise and osteoporosis
  • Specialized in-hospital care for women admitted with heart disease

"Symptom recognition is a key problem," says Women's Heart Center co-medical director Shalizeh Shokooh, M.D. "About one third of women don't experience the typical symptoms of heart disease that most men experience. Many women report having vague chest discomfort with a sudden onset of severe fatigue or shortness of breath."

"This is one of the reasons St. Joseph Hospital opened the Women's Heart Center," says co-medical director Warren Johnston, M.D. "Participation in the Center provides women with the heart-health protection they need." Women can attend a private heart-health screening provided by a highly trained cardiac registered nurse.