Kidney Transplant Center

Our Experts

Our Experts

Ervin Ruzics, M.D.

Medical Director

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Wendy Escobedo, M.S.N, R.N, CCTN*

Director, Renal Services Dialysis and Transplant

Yolanda Gomez, B.S.N., R.N.

Post-Transplant Coordinator

Paula Gull, M.S.N., APRN, BC, CCTC*

Donor Coordinator

Kim Lawrence, M.S.N, R.N, CCRN

Inpatient Coordinator

Marya Weil, M.S.N, R.N., CCTC*

Pre-Transplant Coordinator

Eren Gonzalez

Transplant Assistant

Maria Solis, L.V.N.

Transplant Assistant

Christine Valencia

Transplant Assistant

Judy Faulkner, R.D.

Registered Dietitian

Linda Winston

Living Donor Advocate

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Mary O'Callaghan, LCSW, CCTSW*

Clinical Social Worker

Myrna Robledo

Financial Coordinator

Nancy Linder

Business Analyst

Ann Vu

IS Analyst

*Certified Clinical Transplant Coordinator. All St. Joseph Hospital Kidney Transplant Center coordinators are certified by the American Board of Transplant Coordinators.