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Minimally Invasive Urology & Stone Center
Minimally Invasive Urology & Stone Center
Bladder Cancer
Intravesical Therapy
Transurethral Resection
Female Urinary Incontinence
Non-Surgical Treatment
Invasive Treatment
Surgical Treatment
Kidney & Ureteral Stones
Non-Surgical Treatment
Surgical Treatment
Men's Health
Enlarged Prostate
Erectile Dysfunction
Prostate Cancer
Urethral Stricture

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In evaluating your condition, your doctor may perform the following:

  • Physical examination, especially of the abdomen or back
  • Blood test to exam the levels or uric acid or calcium in your blood
  • Urinalysis to look for crystals or red blood cells in the urine or to measure the level of
  • stone-preventing substances
  • Imaging tests may show kidney stones in your urinary tract. CT scans can reveal small stones that abdominal X-rays may miss. If you're pregnant, your doctor may order an ultrasound.
  • Analysis of passed stones. Your doctor may ask you to urinate through a strainer to catch stones that you may pass. A lab analysis will provide the data your doctor needs to confirm the cause of the stone.