Thoracic Oncology Program: Lung

CT Lung Screening

Lung cancer is not only treatable, but potentially curable when diagnosed in its early stages. The physicians at the St. Joseph Hospital Thoracic Oncology Program are committed to providing the best technology available for early detection: CT lung screening.

This method has been shown to detect cancers not visible on chest x-rays. And more than 80% of lung cancers detected with a CT have been in the earliest stages - with a high probability of cure. The latest research shows that CT lung screenings can save lives, which is why many experts believe it should be a standard procedure for patients who are at high risk.

Should you consider a lung screening? Are you at risk for lung cancer?

  • Are you between the age of 55-74?
  • Do you have at least a 30 pack year history of smoking? For example, smoking 2 packs per day for 15 years is 30 pack years.
  • If you have stopped smoking, has it been less than 15 years since you last smoked?

If you answered yes to all 3 questions, you may be a candidate for a low-cost CT lung cancer screening.

To schedule your CT lung screening call 714-633-DOCS.

CT Lung Screening Special Cash Price

Because prevention and screening are such vital elements of lung health, the St. Joseph Hospital Thoracic Oncology Program is sponsoring a $125 CT lung screening program for at-risk individuals. This special cash price can save patients approximately $300 in out-of-pocket expenses, as this screening is not covered by most insurance plans. This is a cash pay program; eligibility requirements must be met prior to screening and space is limited. To schedule a low-cost CT lung screening, call 714-633-DOCS.

The results of your screening will be sent to your referring physician for follow up.