90th Anniversary

Proudly serving our dear neighbor since 1929

On Sept. 16, 1929, St. Joseph Hospital opened its doors as one of the first hospitals in Orange County. Established by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, the philosophy of going into the community and caring for our dear neighbor has been a longstanding tradition in our hospital's history. Our caregivers, nurses, physicians and volunteers are committed to extending the legacy of our founding Sisters through everything they do for our patients, our community and each other.

A legacy of compassion, dignity, justice, excellence and integrity

The legacy of St. Joseph Hospital began with the Sisters of St. Joseph and dates back to 1650 in Le Puy, France. Before arriving in America, the Sisters were organized by Jesuit priest, Father Jean Pierre Madaille, to serve the poor and suffering (their "dear neighbors") and spread the Catholic ministry in their community. The Sisters dedicated their lives to God and served the people of France for many years. When they came to America, they eventually settled in Eureka, Calif. and opened their first hospital in response to the flu epidemic. (Photo: The first Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, June 22, 1912.)

In 1922, the Sisters were invited by Archbishop Cantwell to move their Motherhouse from Eureka, Calif. to Southern California. They bought the 10-acre Burnham estate on Batavia Street in Orange, Calif. for $10,000 and officially became the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange. After finding a bank that would loan them money, the Sisters decided to open a modern hospital to serve the health care needs of Orange County. The Sisters had a strong vision for what they wanted, which was to open a brand new hospital that would be the "last word in magnificence and technology." They broke ground for the new 190-bed hospital on May 26, 1928. On Sept. 16, 1929, St. Joseph Hospital opened with a medical staff of less than 50. (Photo: The original St. Joseph Hospital in Orange.)

Throughout the past 90 years, St. Joseph Hospital has grown from a 190-bed facility to a 463-bed hospital with a 1,000-member medical staff, making us one of the largest hospitals in Orange County. And though technology has advanced medicine beyond the wildest dreams of our founding Sisters, time has not altered our desire to care for the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

St. Joseph Hospital is proud to continue the rich heritage of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange by building on our legacy of providing care with compassion, dignity, justice, excellence and integrity. (Photo: St. Joseph Hospital present day.)

Click here to watch a video that outlines the history of St. Joseph Hospital over the past 90 years.

Remembering our history; envisioning our future

We are honored to celebrate 90 years of serving the health care needs of Orange County. Our founding Sisters were pioneers and always looked ahead to identify the greatest needs in the community and fulfill them through their service. With the continued dedication of our passionate physicians, caregivers and community supporters, St. Joseph Hospital will continue to minister to the changing needs of Orange County residents for years to come.

Help us celebrate our 90th anniversary

You can help us celebrate our 90th anniversary milestone by making a gift to the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation. As a nonprofit hospital, we depend on philanthropic support to carry on the traditions of our Sisters and provide our community with top quality, state-of-the-art care. Please visit sjo.org/waystogive or contact the Foundation at 714-347-7900 or Foundation@stjoe.org to learn how you can support St. Joseph Hospital.

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