Meet Our Nursing Leadership Team

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Meet Our Nursing Leadership Team

Katie Skelton, R.N., MSN, NEA-BC

Vice President of Patient Care Services, Chief Nursing Officer

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Patti Aube, R.N.-BC, N.E.-BC, MSN

Executive Director, Nursing Professional Development & Research

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Soudi Bogert, R.N., BSN, CCRN

Manager, Operations Hub & Nursing Outcomes, Magnet Program Coordinator

Cheryl Welp, R.N., BSN, CNML

Manager, Pulmonary Renal & Observation Unit

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Sue Duncan, R.N., BSN, R.N.C.

Clinical Coordinator, Maternal Fetal Testing

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Carol Suchy, R.N., MSN, IBCLC

Manager, Mother Baby Unit & Outpatient Perinatal Services

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Peggy Walsh, R.N., NE-BC, BSN

Department Manager, General Surgery and Medical Surgical Unit

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Beverly J. Hatch, R.N.-BC., BSN

Nurse Manager, Behavioral Health Services

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Carmen Ferrell, R.N., MSN, CCRN

Executive Director, Nursing Operations, Clinical Outcomes & CIS

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Kim Rossillo, R.N., BSN, PCCN

Department Manager, Medical Telemetry

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Julie Zhe, R.N., BSN, CGRN

Manager, Endoscopy Department / Pain Management Center

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Diana Zirschky, R.N., MSN, CNOR

Assistant Director, Surgery Center

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Gemma Seidl, R.N., MSN, MPH, PHN

Executive Director, Critical Care, Telemetry & Observation

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Darlene Warren, R.N., BSN, BCEN

Nursing Manager, Orthopedic Unit

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Linda Boose-Shutes, R.N., BSN, CCRN

Manager, Definitive Stepdown Unit & Stepdown Unit

Wendy Escobedo, R.N., MSN, CCTN

Manager, Renal Services, Dialysis & Transplant

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Sherry Esguerra, R.N., BSN, CNN

Manager, Santa Ana Dialysis

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Lorna Estiandan, R.N., BSN, CNN

CHN Manager Dialysis

Robert Garcia, R.N., MSN, CMSRN

Manager, Emergency Department

Michelle Genova, R.N.-C, BSN

Manager, Labor & Delivery

Pam Hockett, R.N., MSN, OCN

Executive Director, The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment