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What Our Patients Say

St. Joseph Hospital views every interaction with patients as an opportunity to serve in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange. Here's a sampling of patient satisfaction survey comments are from January 2010 through September 2011: Behavioral Health Services
"There were really wonderful, understanding nurses. The nurses tried to be as helpful as they could be, very caring and very compassionate."

"I am completely satisfied with the overall appearance, staff, medical dr., nursing staff and accommodations."

Cardiac Rehab / Pacemaker Clinic

'In regard to the Cardiac Rehab Dept. and the program, it's excellent! I'm so grateful to my doctor for recommending it! It was truly a great benefit to me. It helped me both physically & mentally. The staff is excellent, caring & kind."

"I am very well satisfied when going to the pace clinic. Everything is always great and on time."

"The nurses go above and beyond there calling and truly show a genuine concern and interest in the folks the care for, my time went by so quickly I wish I could have stayed longer. Many Thanks and God Bless."


"Can't remember names but your staff members are all angels. They make you feel like everything's going to be ok!"

The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

"I had multiple radiation treatments at St. Joseph's. The valet parking for radiation patients was very nice and made it less of a hassle as the treatments progressed. I only had to wait once for my 30 appointments. I was very pleased with the treatment and the staff. I envisioned a complete nightmare and it was very pleasant and comforting."

"All the staff members were kind, friendly and helpful!"

"The Cancer building (Infusion Center) was beautiful and efficiently run. Loved the Infusion Center. "

"I want to show my appreciation to all the personnel for their service- that was being offered, what I liked the most is, the smile that I was received with every week that made me feel secure without any fear. Thank you for treating me like family."

"The techs doing the radiation therapy are all very friendly and professional. Everyone is always very helpful and cheerful and friendly."

Emergency Department

"I had an injury to my left wrist that required stitches. Everything was handled professionally and to my satisfaction. Each step of the procedure was explained to me before it was done. I was greatly satisfied."

"I don't remember the names but every one that I dealt with were great! St. Joseph's is the best!"

"I don't think that I could have been treated any nicer."

"We wanted to thank the whole ER staff they made my mom feel like a friend, like a member of family. They spoke and explained things to her and let her and me know what was going on at all times."

"All the employees are very kind and absolutely professional."

"I can't single out any one individual, they all performed great! I have never moved so fast through an E.R. before and I wasn't even bleeding. The staff made me feel comfortable and kept me informed at all times."

"All staff outstanding, felt totally relaxed with warm responses to his attempts at humor, treated with utmost respect and care. Have had many stays at SJO over the years - family also. Feels so strongly about the excellence at SJO, that if he was in San Diego and had a gunshot wound to the heart, would insist he be brought to SJO."

"Thank you, St. Joseph, for taking care of my father who suffered a mild stroke. St. Joseph emergency room doctor ensured a smooth transition to the telemetry unit."

"Great care! A++++"

"I don't know names. Everyone was very nice and ready to help in any way. That was just what we all need at the rime of an emergency! Thanks so much".

"I feel that nothing needs to be changed or improved. Everything from parking to nurse and doctor treated me very well. In a nice and respectful manner. Doctor and nurse explained what was done to me and my results."

"The welcoming staff at the front door parking and billing were courteous and efficient to everyone. I was impressed with the speed to get me settled into a room for exam. Thank you."

"Even nurse did very well in speaking some things in my language (Spanish). I would most definitely recommend this hospital to my friends and even my family because I trust them."

"I just wanted to drop a note to all the admin and staff there for helping me at a time I was lowest. You all do an excellent job, keep it up :)"

"St. Joseph's Hospital has always been my choice. I received open heart surgery in the past and felt there was a very good professionalism, as well as all of the courtesy and kindness given to patients and myself. Can't say enough good things. "

"All were great. Thanks. I love u all for your care."

"The entire staff was great! My overall experience is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend St. Joseph and continue to tell my very positive experience. Thank you St. Joseph staff for saving my life...God Bless."

"My mother was delivered to your emergency area. Right from the beginning with a courteous & helpful parking attendant, your excellent routines began. I was escorted by a volunteer to the emergency room where my mother was located.
All personnel were courteous & helpful to both my mother and myself during all procedures and the length of our stay.
Thank you for taking such excellent care of my 94 yr. old mother."


"Both of us found the staff to be most welcoming and approachable in creating a comfortable environment for an anticipated uncomfortable' procedure. The staff, from the front desk to the nurses, made the visit most enjoyable by putting us at ease about any questions and concerns that we may have had. The nurse was particularly warm and informative in establishing a rapport with us while waiting for the procedure. Again, we would like to thank all the staff who are so very able to make a hospital visit feel far from a clinical experience."

"Nurse was so kind and very informative also caring. Made the whole process a relaxing time."

"The whole medical staff performing the procedure were outstanding."

"I wish I could remember the nursing team's names, but cannot. They provided me the best service and attention I could have expected at St Joe's. This will be my hospital of choice and is top notch! Bar None!!!"

"Nursing staff was extremely helpful and friendly, I felt very comfortable and received very professional and loving attention.
Thank you (staff) and of course the anesthesiologist and the doctor."

"Do not remember the names but the entire staff was wonderful. They made me feel pampered."

"This staff is the most loving and caring group to each other, to their patients and to me. I honestly mean this. It is always a joy to be with them."

Heart Center

"The nurse really was a great help talking to me and keeping me calm during this time. She was wonderful."

"My experience at St. Joseph's has always been excellent. Thank you St. Joseph!!"

"Everyone at Pavilion are very nice and caring and especially professionals. Thank you, all of you, for caring for my mom. Thank you for all your help. My mom is doing so much better because you care."

"From the first day that I went to the Heart Center at St. Joseph Hospital for an echocardiogram test, I noticed that your staff was very professional, polite and showed a concern for my visit. I hope to have medical insurance that my family and I can continue to have St. Joseph Hospital to take care of all our medical needs."

"Deanna Carlson was very friendly and did a very good job of explaining my test and information."


"Everyone is always very nice. I like using the lab."

"Everyone was very pleasant and was very professional. Very good."

"Nurses that were great - Larauna, Jennifer, Velvea, Tiffany, Andrea."

Main Operating Room

"St. Joseph has been my hospital of choice for almost 25 years. Even though there are several quality hospitals that are closer to where I live, I come to St. Joseph because the quality of the physicians I've had is exceptional. Unfortunately I know too many, but I'm grateful to them all. Over time we get to know the primary doctors, but during this last surgery there were also a couple of people that were just there for that particular surgery and were absolutely great."

"On my behalf I am completely grateful for all the attention I receive. I do not doubt you have totally professional Doctors, very assertive and your nurses very serviceable. I am very grateful for your returning me without complications to my health. Thank you to all the personnel that forms part of the hospital St. Joseph."

"I want to write to and give my appreciation for your staff member who worked the Family Surgery Waiting room desk. She is excellent. My mother was having surgery during this time and I waited in your Family Surgery Waiting Room. I watched your staff member keep herself organized with the different families in the waiting room, keeping track of information and relaying information as she received it from the ORs. She maintained composure, compassion, and her organized nature to keep families informed, even as the waiting room was becoming very crowded with families. I know how important it is for the family to feel that sense of security that their family member is receiving quality care and to feel assured that any new information will be relayed to them during their loved one's surgery. I observed your staff person doing a wonderful job of providing this level of comfort and security for your St. Joseph families."

Maternal Fetal Testing

"The nurse who worked with me that day was very professional and addressed all of my concerns. She was very attentive to my needs. All their staff was very helpful and accommodating. "

Medical Intensive Care Unit

"St. Joseph is the best hospital I've ever been to, the nurses were great from ER to ICU.
I had no problems or complaints about my care."

Medical Pulmonary Unit

"If you have to go to the hospital - St. Joseph's is the ONE!!!"

Medical/Surgical Unit

"Thank you for taking great care of my dear mother. She told me to tell you that she was very happy with the care given at St. Joseph Hospital."

"I commend your staff; emergency room, observation, patient room, for being so nice, professional and patient. Thank you so much for helping me get better!!"

"The doctors + nurses were exceptionally great especially the doctors assistant."

"I had very good nurses & the aids were fabulous.

"Your hospital is number one and I would not hesitate to recommend to family or friends. Keep up the great work you people are doing. Thanks again and God Bless."

"All treatment and personnel were great. Felt service was the best. Ordering the food was great. All personnel were pleasant and helpful. Positive experience! "

"St. Joseph is a good hospital the service is spectacular. Thanks for everything."

"My mother's care could not have been better. Excellent care, immediate tests scheduled when needed. Because of the care and attention my mother received, that's why she's still with us today!"

"I wish to thank everyone at St. Joseph's Hospital for an extremely job well done. Thank you so much!"

"My daughter got excellent care. I was with her 24-7 and everyone was so nice - St. Joe's is an excellent hospital the room and nurses etc. were excellent. Could not have been better."


"I've been a previous patient, and when in Orange County, wouldn't think of going anywhere else. I live east of Fresno, in Big Creek, and when the people from up here ask where is a good hospital down south, I tell them St. Joe's. Thanks to all the doctors & staff."

Medical Telemetry Unit

"The nurses, each one, including CNAs, were all very knowledgeable, courteous, compassionate, and attentive."

"The admitting physician and staff neurologist were very caring and communicative."

"My father, who had belonged to another medical group before, insisted on switching medical groups to St. Joseph's because of the excellent care and service he received. St. Joseph exemplifies it's mission and values, and every St. Joseph associate respects those values. SJO is an excellent hospital and my father and I experienced it first-hand. I am very grateful."

"Great staff and techs. They helped me a lot with my pacemaker. Thank you all."

"The nurse aids were wonderful...The room was very nice."

"Doctors were very good too. Thank you!"

"All the nurses were excellent. I can't imagine getting better care anywhere else!"

"I would like to thank all your nursing staff that cared for me. They were awesome! May God continue to bless St. Joseph Hospital with wonderful staff, and may the staff also be blessed. Lord knows I was blessed with caring providers/ nurses during my time at the hospital."

"I quite honestly didn't know what to expect of Saint Joseph's Hospital, and I'm happy to report that of all the hospitals I've experienced in California, Saint Joseph's is by far the highest rated in my book, hands down. The Staff, the Nurses and the Doctors all treated me with care and compassion. Each one was very easy to speak to, ask questions of, and everyone I dealt with had time for me. They were wonderful to me and also to my family. One of the neatest aspects of my stay was that my husband Jason was able to sleep in a bed in the same room as I- I couldn't believe it! That was so nice and thoughtful! They really treated us as though we were royalty. Another very nice aspect was that the Doctors and Nurses involved both myself and my Husband 100% of the way, they listened to our countless questions and gave us thoughtful answers, and we both felt very comfortable with my stay and with the quality of care I received. Everything from my admission to my surgery to my release - went smooth as can be. I've been singing the praises of Saint Joseph's Hospital ever since I was released. It's very good to know that there is a high quality hospital within this community, and believe me if ever I'm to be hospitalized again or if my family or friends fall ill and need hospitalization, Saint Joseph's Hospital is the destination. Thank you so much!

I'd like to tell you that I quite honestly didn't know what to expect of Saint Joseph's Hospital, and I'm happy to report that of all the hospitals I've experienced in California, Saint Joseph's is by far the highest rated in my book, hands down. The Staff, the Nurses and the Doctors all treated me with care and compassion. Each one was very easy to speak to, ask questions of, and everyone I dealt with had time for me. They were wonderful to me and also to my family. One of the neatest aspects of my stay was that my husband Jason was able to sleep in a bed in the same room as I-I couldn't believe it! That was so nice and thoughtful! They really treated us as though we were royalty. Another very nice aspect was that the Doctors and Nurses involved both myself and my Husband 100% of the way, they listened to our countless questions and gave us thoughtful answers, and we both felt very comfortable with my stay and with the quality of care I received. Everything from my admission to my surgery to my release - went smooth as can be. I've been singing the praises of Saint Joseph's Hospital ever since I was released. It's very good to know that there is a high quality hospital within this community, and believe me if ever I'm to be hospitalized again or if my family or friends fall ill and need hospitalization, Saint Joseph's Hospital is the destination. Thank you so much!

Mother Baby Assessment Center

"All of the nurses were fabulous!"

"I was recently in St. Joseph's Hospital. Due to a health concern, I attended the Pavilion very often and had lots of tests. I found the service at the Pavilion to be absolutely excellent. The staff at the Maternal Fetal Testing were all fantastic. Although a stressful time for me, I looked forward to my appointments there as every member of staff were so competent, caring, reassuring and I felt they went above and beyond to give me the best service possible."

Mother/Baby Unit

"I really like how they treated me from the time I went in to the time that I came out. The nurse and staff who treated me were nice."

"All of the nurses I had were great! I had an exceptional stay! Thank you for making a nervous, exciting and tense situation great! "

"All of the staff was so friendly and nice!"

"The doctors and surgical staff (including nurses) were all excellent."

"Pain management was great."

"I had a great experience, delivering my baby at St. Joseph Hospital. Everyone from the doctor, chaplain, anesthesiologist and nurses went that extra mile to make sure I was well taken care of. I felt very comfortable and was happy to have my maternal care at St. Joseph. I will recommend this hospital to family and friends."

"I had my baby with no pain medications or epidural and I remember there was a picture of a baby on the table behind my bed with each contraction I would look at the picture and it would keep me focused on what I was working for, it helped me a lot. All the nursing staff were wonderful and really stuck to my birth plan and even reassured me that I could do it without an epidural when I was feeling like giving in. I appreciate that so much. I will never go to another hospital or another doctor and will always recommend you."

"The nursing staff (delivery and recovery and thereafter) were very skilled and attentive. They all showed great attitudes and were very professional. They explained things well and made sure prior to my discharge that I was walking (which was hard due to c-section) and that my knowledge of taking care and nursing my infant was sufficient. All doctors and staff show grate skill and compassion!"

"Our labor and delivery nurse was amazing!"

"I felt safe when I was in the hospital. I've had three kids at this hospital, this time they had the ankle tags which was a safe way to monitor the babies. I like that added safety benefit."

"Giving birth to my daughter in St. Joseph hospital was a very good memory for me. I'm sure I couldn't do it this easy without the nurses' help. I am really thankful to all nurses in labor and delivery."

"I feel I had the best care during my hospital stay. I am not much of a letter writer but I do continue to tell my friends and family of the wonderful labor and deliver nurse, my mom-baby nurses, and all those that helped me @ St. Joes. (Doctors, registration clerks, lab techs and food services.)"

Nuclear Medicine

"The two male assistants, Ron + (forgot the other gentleman) were very kind. They calmed me down when I became uncomfortable and in pain. Both had great bedside manners and were extremely professional. It was scary + I appreciated their efforts."

"I am so grateful that I was able to go to St. Joseph's. I would recommend your hospital to everybody I know. "

"Excellent care and service for all tests, procedures and surgery for lung cancer. St Joe's is my first choice!"

"Very hard to mention just one person. All your staff was magnificent. I will grade all of them as A+. Keep your great work. You are great."

Oncology Unit

"Nothing to be improved upon. Excellent hospital with competent, caring and comprehensive staff."

"All staff members were warm and friendly. The entire staff of the hospital were courteous and made the entire experience as relaxing as possible."

Orthopedic Services

"Thank you guys for my new hip. My whole life was or had fallen apart this year! I've been on Oxycontin for 6 years and now I'm not. The nursing staff was really great. The therapeutic staff was great. In short this was the best hospital experience I ever had I pray that the lord cast blessings upon St. Joseph's Hospital."

"I was treated & cared for in a very professional & caring way. Very satisfied, & thank you very much for everything."

"Everyone was great. Normally I wouldn't waste my time on filling this out. Everyone was so nice and figured I better. A+."

"I had a good experience at St. Joseph's. I was there for a short time - about 30 hours for a hip replacement. The nursing staff was very good. Thank you."

"St. Joseph's was fabulous from the blood donation, admitting, then surgery and stay."

"All of the nurses who cared for me were excellent - friendly, responsive and efficient. Your hospital is the best I have ever been involved with. The pre-op people at the Pavilion were cheerful and prompt."

"Everyone was always very courteous, very professional, and they cared about the patient's welfare. They always responded right away to any requests for assistance and were understanding of the needs of the patient. I would be very glad to refer anyone to this hospital facility and would select and request this facility if I ever need care or hospital in the future. They are doing everything possible to make the patient's visit there as comfortable and beneficial for the patient as possible."

"From the time that I entered until the nurses put me in the care to leave. I was treated with respect, care, and courtesy. I did not have one problem with anyone. I was well taken care of. Thank you all and God bless you."

"The nurses and staff were very helpful and kind, I did not want to leave the hospital, I have never been treated so nice. Please thank all of them!"

"I was impressed with the entire operation and my stay there - even the food was good!"

"I was most impressed with everything. Not that I would want to but I was so comfortable I could take a vacation at your hospital! The colors were most relaxing and the chairs and small bench were great. One could even lie down and rest on the bench. The consideration given to family is wonderful. I felt very safe and protected from infection!!"

"The nursing staff and all assistants were exceptional! I received wonderful care from everyone. I wish I could remember all the names of those on the orthopedic floor! Thanks to all!!"

"Since I was only in your hospital for three days, I don't remember very much. You must have done your job successfully since the operation was a success. Thank you for a good bottom line."

"ALL of the hospital staff during my surgery and stay on July 11 and 12 (2011) were exceptional! The nursing assistants worked extremely hard assisting in my care, even though the RNs were attentive too. The physical therapist and occupational therapist were great too. The OT gave some very helpful hints and reminders for at home that have saved me from "re-injuring" by back during my recovery! Dr. (Jeffrey) Deckey is an amazing surgeon. The combination of his skill and experience, along with the services/care provided by S.t Joseph Hospital exceeded all my expectations."

Outpatient Surgery Center

"Excellent care. My anesthesia provider went out of his way to explain procedure options & care! Took extra time."

"Everybody was pleasant and cared for my welfare."

"I was well pleased with the service at the outpatient surgery pavilion. I was pleasantly impressed with the professionalism and friendly compassion shown to me."

"I felt I was in good hands at all times."

"In general I have always found St. Joseph's staff and services to be of excellent quality and considerate of personal needs. The staff explained all procedures and answered all my questions adequately. I and my family and friends were made to feel welcome. I was made to feel as comfortable as possible. The follow-up instructions were adequate.
I will continue to feel that St. Joseph Hospital is the best in the area."

"The nurse in recovery was wonderful! I spent a long time in recovery and the staff was great to me and my wife."

"St. Joseph's was excellent in every way."

"Everyone that assisted with my surgery was very nice, caring, and all made me feel less nervous. I've had several surgeries (all @ St. Joseph) and every time I felt comfortable."

"The "Outpatient Surgery Department" at St. Joseph Hospital, made me so comfortable being it was my (First Surgery).
I extend my gratitude to everyone who made me at ease!"

"I am more than satisfied by the excellent care I was given and especially impressed with the entire staff's efforts at calming my fears which were many!) All caregivers in my case had a bedside manner that was not only professional, but (in my opinion) went above and beyond their 'call of duty'. Kudos to all concerned. "

"The surgery from beginning to end was a very positive experience thank you St. Joseph's staff!"

"Never felt like I was just another patient. Thanks."

"Everything was extremely professional and comfortable. Very high standard."

Physical Therapy

"All office staff were more than helpful + nice. And all the therapist staff that were assigned to me were very nice and professional & helpful."

"Keep up the good work! I am satisfied with the care I received at St. Joseph Hospital."

"In my opinion St. Joseph Hospital is the best hospital I have ever been in. The staff are very professional, caring & dedicated. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for good medical care."


"Currently everything is great. Hospital and Pavilion provide excellent service and care. Staff is amazing, friendly, compassionate and caring. Keep up the excellent work."

"All of the staff was excellent."

"I have my ultrasound and CT scan in St. Joseph Hospital, both are good service."

"I don't know her name - but the girl who did my mammogram was very sweet. It was my first one and she made me feel very comfortable during it. Wish I knew her name to write it here! "

"Is the best clinic in the world because they have the best doctors, nurses, and workers. All who work there in all the places of St. Joseph Hospital are a good team. Thank you for everything. Thank you very much."

"Everyone was great. I actually came home and called my sister and said everyone was so nice that it made me almost wish I had to have a mammogram more often. Very friendly and helpful! And I got cookies afterwards! Awesome experience. You guys rock!"

"Good experience. No improvement needed. I just want to say in my own words how wonderful the experience was. From the registration on the first floor to the completion of the mammogram, everyone was caring and professional. I did not have to wait to be helped at the registration or for the exam. They seem to just know how to space the appointments to respect the patient's time. I am so happy that you sent this survey to me, because I was going to send a letter stating my great experience!"

"I love St. Jo's. I believe it is one of the best hospitals in the country. Wouldn't go anywhere else."

"The women in pre admissions were very friendly and made the experience easier."

"Everyone are professional, nice to talk to and with smile. I do like to be in your hospital if I need. Very clean and convenient. More power to St. Joseph's Hospital."

"The technician that did the CT scan was super nice & caring."

"I first came to St. Joe in 1960. I remember a tall brick building you have grown a lot over the years. I'm glad in my 81 years I've had wonderful doctors and care. "

"The nurse who did the IV & Cat Scan was very good. Sorry I don't remember her name because she deserves a commendation. "

"I am known for my panic and anxiety problems and I was a little bit anxious in having to get an MRI but when I got there the lady at the appt. center was extremely kind to me. Everyone was so kind and showed great care for me as a patient. Thank you very much for a great experience during what could have been a nerve-wracking experience."

"The nurse that administered my MRI, MRA and contrast was fabulous. She was very caring and comforting. I don't know her name, but would like to extend my thanks and appreciation for her professionalism and reassurance."

"For the past six years I have returned to St. Joseph's for my MRI - I cannot say enough with regards to the excellent treatment in admitting and also your MRI department. My annual appointment is with Dr. (William) Loudon and I could have my MRI in Reno but prefer to return to St. Joseph's."

Renal Dialysis Center - Santa Ana

"I don't know what the hospital could do to improve my safety while there. I am extremely well cared for each time. Everyone is so kind so helpful so willing to do anything they can to help. I'm always glad to come home from dialysis, but I almost look forward to going to see my caretakers. They do their utmost to make it as comfortable for you as possible."

Respiratory Therapy

"Another RT, who took him off the vent, was very nice to them, asked them nicely to step out of the room for a few minutes, had the lights dimmed and everything quiet when they came back to the room."

Sleep Disorders Center

"This hospital and staff are excellent I can't think of anything that needs improving. All safety is excellent - thank you for your wonderful care."

"We are very much appreciative of the services provided at your facility. On the two occasions in your care, both were made pleasant by the staff's professional and caring manner. Even before receiving your correspondence, we had planned sending notification of our appreciation and acknowledgment of the staff's dedication. From explaining procedures to the caring touch of a warm blanket, along with their patience. Congratulations to a staff of great employees for a job very well done!"

"I was there for a sleep study so I had no contact with a doctor or nurse. The person who did the study was very helpful and cared for my needs. Overall the study was informative and helpful. I was very pleased with the care I received. I would recommend this study to others."

"Everyone was so pleasant it made me more at ease. I didn't worry about anything."

"The sleep study tech who did my study was very professional, answered my questions, and was helpful in making me calm/comfortable about the process."

Spiritual Care

"I love St. Joseph's. I would never go to another hospital. I was able to see Mass on the TV on Sunday which was very important to me. Also I was so pleased that someone came and gave me communion. I was so glad that the Chaplain came in and prayed with me and offered a blessing for me. Everyone who attended to me, doctors, nurses, aids and all the staff were wonderful. Thank you for my great care while at St. Joseph's."

Wound Care Center

"My last stay at St. Joseph Hospital was a very comfortable stay. I have no complaints. The staff were very professional, caring & very attentive. The private room that I was in was beautiful! I had the best view! I surely recommend St. Joseph Hospital to everyone that I come into contact with."

"All staff members @ Wound Center were very caring and helpful in explaining treatment and providing it."

The following comments were received from patients in 2008 and 2009:
Breast Program
"You are excellent! Best hospital in CA!"

Business Office
"I came in to apply for financial assistance. This is NOT something I aspired to do. I was born and raised here in Southern California. I have never applied for any assistance, and I am sad that it is necessary. I fully expected to feel uncomfortable, and that it would be a horrible experience. My Patient Account Specialist couldn't have been more helpful. She treated me with dignity, compassion for my situation, and I have no idea if I am going to be approved for assistance, but I know the staff did all they could. My experience at St. Joseph Hospital was truly a wonderful experience. Thank you for having an employee like Lilly. It shows that her supervisors look for quality people in these jobs. Thank you."

The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment
"All personnel I came in contact with were exceptional."

"Everyone at the cancer center was pleasant and welcomed us by name every time we were there."

"The staff was very professional + I enjoyed talking with them. They are a happy staff + never showed that they were bored or didn't want to be there. Thank you. A very satisfied patient."

"I know that St. Joseph Hospital is the one of the best hospital around this area. I am very thankful for those who donated money and their effort to have one of the finest cancer centers available for those needed. I am also thankful to physicians, nurses, and all the staff who work there. They're wonderful and caring people. Thank you for your effort and care. May the Lord bless you continually to fight against these terrible diseases. With Warmest Gratitude."

The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment Infusion Center
"The staff at the infusion center where my elderly father gets a blood transfusion frequently is phenomenal! They are very kind and gentle with him. They are also very professional and precise. I really appreciate their caring attitudes. "

"Scheduler went out of her way to accommodate my schedule. Thank you. The nursing staff works well together and I have gotten to know them, so formal ID is not necessary anymore, nor is an explanation of the infusion procedure. Your facilities are top notch, as is all of your staff. Keep up the excellent work!"

The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment - Radiation Therapy
"All the nurses and dear staff from their hospital were magnificent and very helpful. I had St. Joseph Hospital for all my kids. I believe St. Joseph is the best in California. I thank you all."

"All of the persons giving me treatments were excellent. They worked as team members."

"The facility is terrific, the doctors and staff are caring, compassionate people."

"The doctor and whole staff or nurses, radiation techs, were absolutely wonderful - I have never received such caring, compassionate, service in regards to my radiation treatment. I actually enjoyed my treatments because of the staff. Thank you."

" I am very pleased with the professionalism and courtesy of all the staff. I have been a patient several times over the past 20 years and always rave to my friends about the care I have received. I am impressed with the state of the art equipment and consider the environment to be efficient and friendly. Continue the good work!"

"We are very happy with all the staff. They are the best. Thanks to all."

"All of your staff are attentive and caring, and very professional! And I mean ALL, at every level. It's a great pleasure to be treated this well."

Cardiac Cath Lab
"Wonderful experience! I have been involved with this hospital since 1981 to the present time."

"All the staff were extremely helpful to me and my family."

"I have been an HMO member since 1984 and have used 4 different hospitals for surgeries and St. Joseph is so far ahead of all the others. I was treated so good at the hospital and their medical center across the street. Thanks for the chance to give them a pat on their backs. P.S. I hope this can be used to tell others what a lucky patient I am with my HMO Secure Horizon--St. Joseph Hospital Affiliated 'Orange'."

"Perfect. Don't change!"

"The care and professional attitude everyone I encountered instilled great confidence in me and my family members. That confidence was justified by the successful outcome of the operation. It is difficult to pick out one or two from the entire staff-from the schedulers, secretaries, receptionist, processors, lab crew, CT-scan operators, nurses in the cardiac ICU, the team in the cath lab, the cafeteria, the parking attendants, your entire team - from top to bottom was superb!"

"From the pre-registration phone call to the technician who took me out to the car, I have never had a hospital experience in which I was made to feel so comfortable and put at ease. So many small touches that meant so much and I'm sure I will miss some: The horrible patient gown, slippers and think blanket that all patients dread, had been pre-warmed! Everyone, and I mean everyone who asked me if I had any questions not only took the time to listen and answer but they truly seemed disappointed when my wife and I had no more questions to ask. RN kept up a running, polite, professional banter. She took the extra effort to make sure my wife would be in the proper waiting rooms for the various stages of the process. I can't count the number of times I saw her wash her hands but they must be chapped by now. All the Cath Lab people are to be commended for their friendliness, courtesy, respect and professionalism. As a surgical technician of over thirty years I have spent countless hours in a Cath Lab and I know how hectic it can get. Never once did I feel I was being rushed or was just another case. I even had the impression I was the only case they had."

Cardiac Rehab/ Pacemaker Clinic
"I would like to state that all staff members in Cardiac Rehab were very helpful and concerned with my recovery. The program is very good and intense enough to help any heart patient recover."

"Staff in pacer clinic are polite and professional. My anxiety was eliminated."

"Keep doing what you are doing! Everything you are doing is GREAT!"

Cardiac/Renal Unit
"During my recent stay at your facility as a patient, I was the recipient of a rare to find these days, quality service. One of the members of your Team, an A.N. on the 3rd floor best exemplifies the core values of your Hospital's Mission Statement. Her love and dedication was exhibited in often the most menial tasks. Her hands are bleached because of the number of times that she washes her hands while attending patients. Her compassion and dedication to my well-being and comfort could be easily confused with the care that I have received in a Starwood's Resort! Saint Joseph is a far cry from the average Hospital, and you are achieving the Gold Standard results among institutions similar to yours because of people like her. Thank you for hiring quality people to give quality care to your patients and clients."

"The reason for this letter, is to commend our nurse (she now seems like a friend) for her compassion, knowledge and dedication to her patients. I , and my family, cannot thank her enough for the love and care she gave to my husband. She was so considerate of me and my children and grandchildren. She understood our fears and concerns for my husband and did all she could to allay our fears. One of us was with my husband during all of her shift. She explained what she was doing when she tended to his needs and she talked to my husband while tending to him even though he was in a comatose situation. She treated him with such respect. She is truly remarkable young lady and St. Joseph Hospital is lucky to have her."

CV - Pre-Op
" This was a much better experience than my last at another hospital. Thank you for that! The stay was more pleasant. Thank you for having comfortable beds!"

Emergency Department
"Staff -- very personable and friendly -- attentive and reassuring."

"I think it was safe and I don't see that any improvements are needed."

"Physician made call to my home the next day for follow up."

"Keep up the good service rendered in your hospital."

"Over all I received good care. I thank you very much. The doctor who put the stitches in my head was very good, very helpful. May God Bless you."

"Doctor was excellent. So was staff."

"St. Joseph's Hospital is the only emergency room that I would want to go to."

"Emergency Room the care was excellent, the teamwork of the staff was fast & professional, excellent again. Sincere thank you to the staff."

"The paramedics transported me, at my request, to the emergency room at St. Joe's. I was very apprehensive as this was my first ever contact with either of these agencies and there are always the horror stories put out about emergency services provided - or not. At any rate, I was immediately put at ease by the professional care provided me during the 15 hours I was there. I especially appreciated the attention to my personal privacy. During that time, I was given what I believe to be complete and competent testing and information. How you do it under the circumstances I observed is unknown to me. Please accept my thanks and appreciation for your attention and care. I will certainly share my experience with my friends and family. "

"I felt very safe and comfortable while I was having a procedure. St. Joseph Hospital gave me excellent care."

"My nurse was great. A true credit to the profession."

"Staff is excellent and very helpful."

"Everyone who assisted me was professional, polite, and friendly. Thanks! Sorry I can't remember the names."

" While I cannot recall their names, the entire staff in the pain management unit were kind, friendly, thorough and professional."

"The staff at the endoscopy center there are all very professional and caring. They treated all patients with respect and offered comfort measures to relax the patient before procedures."

"I had a wonderful experience, nothing needs to be changed. Thank you for the great service."

"Everything was great, thank you."

"Overall, I am so thankful for St. Joseph Hospital and all its facilities. They are so wonderful."

"I really can't remember the nurses' names. But the only thing I have to say is: They did a great job. They were very attentive and very professional. I would recommend St. Joseph Hospital because I know it's a great hospital. I had all my surgeries there and my four kids."

"The surgeon and nursing staff were very courteous, kind and understanding. The hospital is clean and comfortable. Highly recommended. Currently is the only hospital I will use."

"I wish I remembered the name of the nurse, she was wonderful!!!"

"Everyone was top notch. Thanks again."

General Surgery Unit
"The entire staff at St. Joseph was very nice. Everyone was nice, caring and informative. My surgeon was awesome and everyone who assisted him was awesome. I think St. Joseph should be ranked as number one in Orange County!! Your administration staff was very cordial, the nurses were very helpful and the anesthesiologist was informative. My doctor's assistant had an awesome bed-side manor and made me feel comfortable when going into the operating room. I loved the new recovery unit. Thank you St. Joseph and to all the staff!!"

"Very happy with our stay! Everyone was polite, considerate and treated us as if we were the only patients at the hospital."

"All of the staff who treated me from the time I arrived 'till I was ready to go home and wheeled me to the car, basically everyone that was on duty when I was at the hospital was great. I had an awesome room too!!!!, I loved the skylights."

"I apologize for not having names - but here are kudos: - EKG Tech was male - he draped a towel over my chest/breasts to preserve my modesty. I really appreciate his thoughtfulness. - My night nurse's aide was more than willing to help me take a walk around midnight. I was having bad back aches from lying in bed. The walk helped me avoid extra pain medication. - The nursing supervisor came to ask about my experience and I provided specific positive actions and each nurse/aid by name. She was an effective listener and obviously a terrific leader and role model."

"The nurses on the surgery floor were very kind & caring. When I needed help or needed pain meds. They always came right away. At first I had a "PCA" attached to my port for pain meds. When my Dr. switched to pain pills my nurses came right away for me to give me all of my meds. They also helped me to the bathroom & helped me walk in the halls. The nurses are great caring & kind people to be or the surgical floor. Very caring people working there."

Heart and Vascular Center - Inpatient
"I feel St. Joseph Hospital and the Pavilion are the best facilities in the country. Glad I am with their group."

"I think the hospital is great!"

"This is an excellent hospital with excellent service!! Thank you."

"Everything is superior."

"I have been a patient at St. Joseph on and off for many years. I have never had reason to complain about anything. I can't think of anything that made me uncomfortable."

"I was in St. Joes Hospital for angiogram. I was given wonderful care in your cardiovascular short stay unit."

"St. Joe has always taken good care of me. I am very grateful."

Lab - Blood Bank / Donor Center
"The staff was fantastic."

"I don't think there is anything to fix. St. Joseph has the best care and I don't have any complaints at all."

" Everyone at Saint Joseph's has a bright and cheery attitude. "

"For the past 10 years I have been giving blood through work (twice yearly). When my wife was scheduled for surgery in 2008, I donated blood at the St. Joseph Hospital Blood Donor Center. When I donated blood, I was treated like a king by a wonderful, sweet, caring and superb nurse. As a result of such wonderful treatment (with no pain, comfortable table for the blood drawing, heated cookies, juice and a pleasant atmosphere), I am giving blood every 60 days now at the St. Joseph Blood Donor Center."

Lab - Pavilion
"I think you are all great. I wish I could move in. Thank you with all my heart. My doctor is fantastic."

Labor and Delivery
"The two biggest thanks go to our Dr. and our Delivery Nurse. We were already extremely happy with our Dr. from our pre-natal care but that happiness turned to complete admiration and gratitude after the work and time he put in to get our little man INTO the world and to keep my beautiful wife IN the world. It also seemed like whenever we needed an answer to a question or whenever my wife needed another procedure, our nurse was there to help. Obviously I do not have an understanding of delivery procedures but to me and my family, the time and effort that our nurse put in was above and beyond anything a stressed out and fearful father and husband could wish for. I truly believe that without our Dr. and nurse's efforts my wife would not have seen the turnaround or success in recovered that she has seen in the last 2 weeks."

"I was so impressed with your staff of nurses, your physicians and your state-of-the-art facility that I am going to close my account in Newport Beach and follow up with St. Joseph's on a permanent basis. I would highly recommend your services to family and friends!"

"I felt very safe! I was extremely scared. They made me feel secure and extremely safe! I would do a commercial for St. Joseph's for free! Thank you for having a great department! They were very, very compassionate. St. Joseph should be very proud!! Thank you for all the kindness and care."

"Everything was in order; excellent nurses and doctor."

"I felt very safe, the care here is excellent."

"My opinion of St. Joseph Hospital couldn't be any higher. The best hospital, compassionate caring, great service. Is there another hospital?"

Maternal Fetal Testing
"Excellent care and treatment. Wouldn't change a thing! Love the staff!"

"They were all very nice. I never had to wait in line. They were very quick. Always concerned about your needs. I loved the fact that they always offered water and they always had a smile. They pampered me a lot. I felt like a baby."

"All of the maternal fetal testing ladies always made me feel comfortable, important and well taken care of. They are fantastic!!!"

"Everything was excellent."

"I absolutely loved my experience (pregnancy and labor), especially fetal monitoring. The staff was more than accommodating. My delivery nurse was also exceptional, the BEST!!! I can't wait to have another baby. Everyone was warm, compassionate and friendly. Thank you St. Joseph."

"Thanks for taking such good care of me & my baby girl!"

Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU)
"The staff was on top of things and responded quickly. They were terrific and they saved my son's life with their quick response and exceptional skill. During this process they also took time to acknowledge me and allow me to ask any questions."

"On behalf of my family, I would like to express our appreciation to the Intensive Care Unit, especially to our doctors, nurse and social worker. During the past two weeks, ICU staff has provided excellent care for my mother. They not only do the job professionally but also do it with extra care and compassion. With the help of the Social Worker, we were able to schedule a family conference with doctors who have cared for my mother to learn about her prognosis and treatment plan. The family conference was very informative which gave us a clear understanding of my mother's condition. We were able to help her making a definite decision about her health condition."

"I am addressing you both as friends of our family and on behalf of each family member. As you know, our beloved sister and aunt, passed from this life at St. Joe's. The facilities in the MICU department are state of the art, and so very accommodating to the patient and visiting family members. THE STAFFING IS EXCEPTIONAL: EVERYONE introduced themselves when entering the room and explained what procedure would be performed. This was all executed with great care and compassion. How comforting it was for our family to know that Norma received the best possible medical care in an atmosphere of professionalism and sincere concern. The little touches of "home love" were so appreciated. The trolley with coffee and refreshments rolled in during Norma's final hour indicated the true hospitality of your facility. We thank you for your love and your care. Our deep gratitude to all the staff that interacted with Norma and us during this a sad week."

"The Staff was on top of things and responded quickly. They were terrific and they saved my son's life with their quick response and exceptional skill. During this process they also took time to acknowledge me and allow me to ask any questions....A special thanks to his RN her caring and concern for him was evident throughout."

"My nurse in ICU was a real champ. He did a super job and I know it was a real challenge for him as I was not an easy patient to care for. I was having some hallucinations and did not really know what I was doing most of the time. Thank you."

Medical Pulmonary Unit
"I was completely satisfied with your staff members."

"The nursing staff made my stay as pleasant as I could possibly expect."

"Dear St. Joseph's Hospital, I received best and excellent treatment and care from your staffs. Thank so much for everything! I recommend your facility to everyone & anytime. "

Medical/Surgical Unit
"All of the nurses were helpful and friendly ."

"We have been so touched by the care the entire staff has given my mom all week. While the actual names may have changed daily, the superior care for my mom was constant. Please thank them all for us."

"They all made my day so much easier and shortened the days for me. They all spoiled me. I love each and every one of them. God bless all of you. "

Med/Surg/Gyn Unit
"All the staff was wonderful on this floor."

"I cannot think of one thing that needs improvement. All staff including the dietary staff made me feel well cared about and eased my situation. I owe my recovery to the doctors and nurses that cared for me during that 2 weeks. I was very scared about my situation but they all were wonderful to me. I owe my life to them all."

"Nurses and aides were excellent care givers. I had only a positive experience during my stay. Thank you for everything."

"KUDOS to Med-Surg/Gyn and Dietary!"

"The nurses were professional and extremely kind and concerned for my well-being. Thank you."

"They all made my day so much easier and shortened the days for me. They all spoiled me. I love each and every one of them. God bless all of you."

My nurses and aids were compassionate, encouraging and used humor to get through my first couple of days. Thank you. Also - I don't know his name, but the gentleman taking my food requests made some great suggestions on how to combine my bland diet to give it a little extra boost. I didn't feel like I was just a room number, but a real person. Thank you all."

"My family and I felt very safe during my stay at St. Joseph's. Thank you all for helping me get healthy and not be in pain anymore."

Medical Telemetry Unit
"My husband was well taken care of. The service was especially wonderful. The hospital for him was also clean, quiet and pleasant."

"I like St Joseph Hospital. I have been there quite a few times and have always had good care."

"You guys did a wonderful job with all my needs. Thank you for everything."

"Unfortunately I do not remember any names, but everyone who helped me during my stay treated me very well! The customer service was excellent!! All of the nurses and nursing assistants cared for me. Everyone made my admission as pleasant as possible. I can't thank you enough. Please thank my ER nurse and the nurse that admitted me to the unit, as well as the ER doctor who was amazing!!"

"The two occupational therapists were informative about my condition and answered all questions my family and I had. The night nurse was very patient and thorough; my family felt he did an exceptional job, especially when I was unable to communicate."

"The nurses I address gave me excellent care + made sure I was comfortable turned frequently + bandage changed + responsive to my needs."

Mother/Baby Unit A
"We are very thankful for the nurse that performed the newborn baby check in the mother/baby unit. She heard a 'click' in our baby's hip and we were subsequently able to start immediate treatment for a hip dislocation."

"I had awesome care from the nurses, doctors and anesthesiologists."

"My nurses were awesome!"

"Everyone was great!"

"I plan on having my next baby at St. Joseph's. We were very satisfied with our experience. Thank you!"

" I loved St. Joseph Hospital, the nurses and overall everything. I will continue going to your hospital for my future kids. My doctor was great as well as the staff. Thank you for everything."

"Your nurses are amazing, they made our stay extra special. I will make sure to always deliver at your hospital Thank you."

"My wife and I are brand new parents and our nerves were definitely frayed. Having a kind, gentle, positive, and KNOWLEDGEABLE nurse made our first night as parents a breeze... We were honestly sad to leave because we were spoiled by the care."

"...I'm writing to you today in regards to one of your nurses in the Mother Baby Unit. We had the absolute pleasure of working with her as our night nurse for 3 nights in a row. From the moment she rolled our brand new baby girl into the recovery room her positive energy put us at ease. My wife and I are brand new parents and our nerves were definitely frayed. Having a kind, gentle, positive, and KNOWLEDGEABLE nurse made our first night as parents a breeze...It's understandable that you need varying personalities in your nursing staff to counter the varying personalities in your patients, but very few nurses contain the skills set that she does. Her balance of personality and professionalism is rare in any industry, but especially rare in the nursing field. Overall, it was her blend of positive, firm, informed and concerned care that made our experience with your hospital a true delight. We were honestly sad to leave because we were spoiled in her luxurious care."

"Every single staff member made my stay more pleasant. If I point one and do not point others I will be unfair."

Nuclear Medicine
"PET scan tech was extremely capable, pleasant and knowledgeable."

"I have always had the greatest confidence in the care of St. Joseph Hospital."

"Everything was GREAT."

Oncology Unit
"Nursing staff on 3rd floor South were very caring and helpful. Thank you."

"I loved my nurse at the oncology floor. I brought them cookies and a card. I will never forget how caring they were and I think St. Joseph's is wonderful!"

"Pretty hard to find anything wrong. First class all the way! Very much appreciated."

"I am writing this letter to tell you that myself, family, and friends were treated in the most dignified and loving manner by all the nursing staff. I thank them for their devoted service... and for providing such superior medical services."

"My husband, passed away, while residing as a patient in your hospital...I am writing this letter to tell you that myself, family, and friends were treated in the most dignified and loving manner by all the nursing staff. I thank them for their devoted service... and for providing such superior medical services... I would appreciate your sharing this letter with the entire Oncology Staff, 3rd floor, and thank them for making his final days as comfortable as possible."

Orthopedic Unit
"I was very impressed with the care I received for my knee surgery. I cannot think of anything you can improve. Wish I could help, but glad to report this."

"Everyone was awesome! I had a great experience."

"Everyone who took care of me was very nice. I wish I could remember their names to acknowledge them personally."

"I had double knee replacement . I'd like to "Single Out" 2 of St. Joe's employees, who made my stay as great as possible. Naturally I was in significant pain and they did everything to make me feel comfortable. I felt they both went above and beyond what could be expected. I think St. Joe's is a great hospital and I'll recommend it to anyone and everyone. I was treated properly by everyone. But these 2 women stick out in my mind. Their willingness to help and their great personalities, made my stay as comfortable as possible."

"I don't see the need to improve on anything. I couldn't have asked for better care. "

" Staff polite and friendly and caring. Nursing and CNA staff excellent."

"I was very impressed with my whole stay at St Joseph's hospital. The fact that I had a private room was great. The nurses hovered over me night + day. My 3 day stay was very good! So I was very pleased with the service I received during my stay. Keep up the great work you are doing. "

Outpatient Registration
"The registration person made my visit very pleasant and quick. She was careful in getting all my information correct. In addition, she was patient with me while I searched for my husband's info. She did much more than the above and she is an asset to St. Joseph's."

Outpatient Surgery Center
"I was very satisfied with my services provided."

"Excellent experience. The nurses were professional -- yes great."

"I was very impressed with my doctor, who is also my surgeon, as he prayed for me at my bedside before going into the operating room. My family was also with me. Thank you."

"I would like to say once again: Thank you St. Joseph Hospital."

"I can't remember the names, but all the staff was awesome!"

"They all made my hospital stay wonderful and very easy. They were very nice and peaceful about everything. I enjoyed my stay at the hospital."

"Unfortunately I don't know the names of the nurses or the staff members, but everyone I encountered was wonderful, pleasant and helpful. The clean positive environment was very pleasant to be in."

"All the staff members made my stay very pleasant. They were very helpful and because I was afraid I will be take care of. Thanks everyone."

"Great service from all staff members working the late shift. Thank you."

"The entire process was fantastic. SJH provides THE BEST care anywhere!"

"Everyone is great. They even called me at home to see how I was doing. Thanks."

"Just a short note to thank you for having such wonderful and caring associates at the Pavilion. Over the past 18 years I have visited the Pavilion approximately 14 times for different procedures ranging from epidurals to cataract lens replacement and most recently, March 24, 2009, for a hernia repair. The caring and professionalism of your associates during these visits leaves nothing to be desired as they were all so wonderful, caring and helpful from the time I registered at the admission desk on the first floor to the time I left the Pavilion after my surgery. I want to compliment the following associates that made my current visit so pleasant in the order of their appearance: Wednesday March 18, 2009. The admission staff on the first floor. The associates that did the lab work at the blood bank on the 1st floor. The young man who performed my EKG. Checked in on the 3rd floor outpatient surgery reception desk . They have always and in all ways have been so helpful and caring and putting me at ease. Incidentally did I tell you that I will be 82 in June but still have concerns when I do need surgery. Nurses in pre-op were so kind and as gentle as could be. In came the "barber to give me a "shave and a haircut.¨ He claimed that his previous job was at Supercuts and Fantastic Sam's. This is a young man with a great personality and also some humor. My anesthesiologist was very thorough and I did appreciate his attention to all of my concerns. A trip down the corridor to the operating room was very delightful and while I knew that there were others in the operating room I cannot remember their names as I think I was pretty well out. Again many thanks for having such wonderful associates."

Parking Structure
"Safety seemed to be a top priority. Parking attendants are safety conscious and courteous."

Physical Therapy - Inpatient
"The St. Joseph's Hospital is excellent."

Physical Therapy - Outpatient
"I highly recommend all of your physical therapists. They are all very caring, friendly and professional."

"St. Joe's is a great hospital where I have received excellent care over many years."

"My physical therapist was very helpful and so personable. He worked with much skill, and yet, had compassion. He always made me feel that I was doing my best - but corrected me too; gently. I am so grateful to have had an opportunity to do my PT at St Joseph Outpatient Rehab Services. Thank you so very much. "

"My physical therapist was wonderfully helpful, professional and caring therapist. I am deeply grateful for her expertise and specialized knowledge. At a time when I was fearful and in pain, her therapy gave me confidence, relief of pain and aided my healing. "

Radiology - CT
"As always St. Joseph did a great job!!!"

"Thank you for the wonderful service."

"From the moment we stepped out of our car at the valet center we received excellent service and care. The professionalism I received as an outpatient at St. Joseph Hospital was certainly of the highest quality. All staff members made a very scary procedure as pleasant and pain free as possible. Every person I had contact with introduced themselves and explained just what the next step would be. They always had time to answer my questions."

"The Pavilion of St. Joseph Hospital looks like the entrance of a 4 star Hotel. We always enjoy when we go there for anything! Keep it up!"

"All of staff were great! Good hospital. Well modernly equipped. Thank for the care."

"I would just like to say that I think St. Joseph's hospital, doctors, nurses and all staff that I have had dealings with, are nothing short of wonderful! I have always been treated with respect and compassion and I truly believe that because of the wonderful care I received, I am alive today! Thank you - thank you - thank you! "

Radiology - Diagnostic
"I've been going to St. Joseph's for over 50 years and have had no complaints. Doctors, nurses and emergency personnel have always been professional."

Radiology - Interventional
"I always feel very safe while in St. Joseph's - a Great Hospital!!"

Radiology - MRI
"MRI staff were all wonderful!"

"The two gentlemen in the MRI room were very helpful and friendly. And the doctor who gave me the shot was very professional -- a class act."

"St. Joe's is my number one choice and has been for as long as I've lived in Orange. 45 years."

Radiology - Ultrasound
"My short stay was perfect! (enjoyed the rest!) Ha!"

"I don't remember their names but the radiology nurses were very helpful and kind."

Recovery Room (Post Anesthesia Care Unit - PACU)
"All of the staff should be recognized for their commitment, compassion and kindness towards people, as well as exceptional medical care. I believe that the professionalism displayed by the vast majority of the medical personnel at Saint Joseph's hospital probably goes unnoticed on a daily basis. The staff's commitment to providing outstanding medical care benefits the hospital and enhances its reputation with the community that depends on its medical services each and every day. For this reason I would like to thank them for their exceptional care, and for going above and beyond their requirements."

Renal - Chronic Adult
"I feel very safe at St. Joseph's! I want to say thank you so much for the social worker assigned to me. When I get worried about things, she always reassures me that things will be ok. That is a great relief to me."

"The staff was very professional + I enjoyed talking with them. They are a happy staff + never showed that they were bored or didn't want to be there. Thank you A very satisfied patient."

Respiratory Care Services
"I have to acknowledge your ancillary staff. They were all amazing."

Sleep Disorders Center
"The appointment process is painless and very pleasant."

"Person who conducted my test was excellent. I cannot remember her name."

"Keep up the good work."

"I'm sorry that I do not remember his name, but the man performing the study was fabulous! I so appreciated his positive attitude + helpful responses! "

Volunteer Services
"There was an angel who washed my hair. for that I am grateful."

"- The volunteer who helped me to my husband's car was warm, encouraging, and had a great attitude - it made me smile and gave me a human connection "door-to-door."

Vascular Center
"The vascular lab is wonderful, so are the doctors and staff."

Wound Care Center
"I did not feel any concern for my safety. Parking lot was adequately lighted, as were doors and hallways. I've been at this facility on numerous occasions, and different times, and have always found conditions for patient safety of the highest standards."

"Everyone at the Wound Care Center was great! Thank all of you."

"I am immensely pleased with the care I have received at the Wound Care Center. The doctor was extremely professional, kind & caring, as were all of his assistants."

"The Wound Center has helped me twice. They are a blessing. I've gone to the ER a few times & they are great. All I can say is keep up the good work!"

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