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Care for the Poor

Through the generosity of our donors, St. Joseph Hospital provides vital, often life-saving care to the working poor in our community. Without such support, many of these patients would have nowhere else to turn for care.

Our licensed clinics provide high quality primary medical and comprehensive dental services for people of all ages.

  • La Amistad de Jose Family Health Center provides vital care to children and adults through more than 14,000 medical and dental visits each year.
  • Puente a La Salud Mobile Community Clinics provide comprehensive dental and eye care services through more than 2,300 visits from children and adults countywide.
  • Our clinics eliminate the two most significant barriers to health care – cost and access. All of our clinic patients, despite many of them working more than one job, are living in poverty. Most do not have access to other sources of medical care. Each year, La Amistad and Puente a La Salud provide more than $3 million worth of safety-net services to our most vulnerable workers and their families.

La Amistad dentists recently saw three young men between the ages of 20 and 40, each of whom had life-threatening heart valve infections that began as tooth decay and had spread. One of them had a large molar abscess that he ignored because he couldn’t afford care. The other two simply hadn’t been to the dentist in years because of the expense. They had unhealthy teeth and gums and infection spread through the bloodstream to their hearts. All of these patients required surgery to replace their heart valves because of the damage and they will be on blood thinners for the rest of their lives.

If they had not had access to care at La Amistad, their heart conditions likely would not have been discovered and treated in time.

Many of our donors choose to make a gift to help fund the care that our patients need now. Others choose to contribute to our permanent endowment to ensure that these services can be provided well into the future. We still need additional support to meet the needs of the community we serve.

Keeping our community healthy saves lives and money. Providing access to primary medical care – for those who have nowhere else to go – allows for medical intervention and chronic disease management before illnesses spiral out of control. It also prevents unnecessary emergency room visits, which saves money and makes emergency services more efficient for everyone.

$25 1 life-saving inoculation
$75 1 month of diabetic patient supplies
$150 6 patient dental prevention visits
$500 140 patient cholesterol screenings
$1,000 Cataract surgery for one patient

A gift of any amount makes an impact and provides peace of mind for someone who needs health services but cannot afford care.

For additional information about how you can help, please call Penni McRoberts, Director of Major Gifts at St. Joseph Hospital Foundation at 714- 347-7900.

If you would like to make a donation please click here.