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2017 Models

Terri Bayle

It is providence that I am a model for the Circles of Life Fashion Show. Ten years ago, as a member of National Charity League, my daughter and I volunteered as helpers dressing the Fashion Show Model Survivors. I could not have predicted that I would now be the one walking the runway. I am a six-month breast cancer survivor and credit my early detection of Stage I invasive ductal carcinoma to 3-D mammography. I am blessed in countless ways, but especially fortunate with caring, talented, supportive doctors and nurses, and loving family and friends that have helped me conquer my challenges and make my journey an adventure.

Lina Benbrook

When I was diagnosed with Stage 3 & 4 breast cancer in 1993, I didn’t really understand what that meant to my life and the long haul that was about to change mine and my 5 year old son Tyler’s world. I knew that I had to put my trust in God’s hands. I can’t explain it, but he gave me an unbreakable peace. Between this and the level of care, love and support from my three oncologists, family and friends, I knew that I was going to be okay. Cut to twenty-three years later, I have a new appreciation for life. Dr. Winston Ho remains my hero.

Jennifer Bennett

I am a two-year breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in April 2015. Since the moment I was diagnosed I have been different, I have changed. I am better, stronger and more blessed. I could not have gone through my journey without God, my husband, mom, family, work family and prayers and support from people I never even met. I am forever blessed by my team of doctors: Drs. Margileth, Harness, Turpin and nurses Regina, Joanne, Barbara and so many more! I am a Survivor!

Dr. Monica Boniadi

I am a three year cancer survivor. In July 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. From that day forward, my whole world was turned upside down. I went from what I thought was a perfectly healthy and fit young woman to having a double mastectomy. I suddenly had a whole team of doctors, numerous medical appointments, treatments and therapy sessions. My voyage through this ordeal has been phenomenal. I sincerely believe God had provided me with all the tools needed to overcome this time of trial and tribulation. I was truly blessed with having had the best doctors here at St. Joseph Hospital and the whole-hearted love and support of my amazing family and friends. As my journey progresses, I am optimistic for a long and healthy life ahead, as I always believe that “God only gives its hardest battles to the toughest soldiers.”

Michael Capizzi

My life’s smartest decision was saying “I do” in 1963 when marrying my beautiful wife of 54 years, Sandy. We are extremely proud of our children, Cori Capizzi and Pam Richardson and our six grandchildren. The following year, two weeks after graduation from the University of Michigan Law School, I began working for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. My plan for a short stint as a prosecutor to prepare for private practice ended thirty-five years later when I retired as County Elected District Attorney. I viewed last year’s lung cancer diagnosis as “a great fall.” Unlike Humpty Dumpty, I didn’t rely on king’s horses and men to put me back together again. Instead, I made the second smartest decision of my life and turned to the very skillful doctors and the extremely competent nurses, aides and other staff associated with St. Joseph Hospital. To them, I’ll be forever grateful for putting me back together again!!

Willa Clark

Cancer: I went from being healthy, happy and enjoying retirement with my husband, children, grandchildren, family and friends to hearing two words “Ovarian Cancer” on March 13, 2016. Then, March 28, 2016 my husband had a stroke. The two diagnoses felt like large earthquakes shaking my life with many smaller aftershocks. Faith in God: My spiritual emotions took me to my knees in prayers. I asked God to hold my hand, lead me to the best doctors and caregivers, and guide me through my journey of ovarian cancer. When I met with Dr. Eskander, his staff, and Cancer Research Team I felt at peace and knew God had guided me to St. Joseph Hospital. I have completed my chemo treatments, and I am forever grateful for the outstanding care and support from Dr. Eskander, his staff, and the Cancer Research Team.

Darius Edwards

By the grace of God, I will continue fighting the good fight. Before cancer I was living, now I am alive. Each day is now purposeful, joyful and filled with love. I cherish my family and friends and each day; I appreciate my blessings. I am grateful to Dr. Mummaneni and to her entire staff. Thank you to my wife Terri for being the most positive support in my life. I love you T.

Jim Gilmore

In May of 2015 I was diagnosed with tongue cancer. I underwent surgery to remove the cancer, and in June I began five weeks of radiation therapy. My personal experience, through many consultations, tests, surgery, treatments and recoveries opened my eyes to countless blessings. I am so grateful to all the physicians and staff at St. Joseph Hospital who shepherded me through my journey. You are all amazing, gifted professionals. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to see more clearly and to continue my journey with open eyes and a warmer heart.

Sandra Gresher

I was devastated when diagnosed with squamous cancer of my tongue. The “silver lining” was the amount of physical and spiritual support coming from family, dear friends, as well as my team of doctors and hospital team members. Even friends of friends had me in their prayer groups. I was also blessed to attend the UCLA Tumor Board, a team of specialists from a teaching hospital. Even though I’m only in Stage 1 of this disease, I am not alone. Laugh and love often, and remember we all fear the “C” word, unless it’s associated with “Christmas,” “Cookie” or “Cake.”

Lance Hamilton, DDS

After receiving lab results at my yearly physical and learning my PSA had increased six-fold to 6.3, I was referred to a urologist for consultation. All other tests were within normal limits and no symptoms present. Three weeks later biopsies were performed and the results labeled as Adenocarcinoma with a Gleason score of 8. September 13, 2011, changed my life forever…I had high grade Prostate Cancer. I was referred to USC University Hospital and after all considerations; surgery was October 17, 2011. Pathologic staging was 3b with metastatic lesions. With God’s leading and my earthly physicians care it has been five plus years with a steady and almost non-detectable PSA. Their genuine care and concern, along with family and friends, is allowing me a full and healthy life.

Lynn Harkins

A diagnosis of breast cancer tests one’s belief in personal strength and faith. It tested mine last year. But after two good cries I knew that the only way was forward. As “unlucky” as I felt on diagnosis day, all of my days after that were lucky. I am lucky to have the best team of clinicians, doctors, surgeons, nurses and caregivers. Lucky to have access to cutting edge technology and tests, in the hands of experts who know how to use them. Lucky to be alive and working and sharing my days with family, friends, St. Joseph Hospital co-workers and my oncology team. This journey has prepared me to remain steadfast and faithful throughout this life.

Phil Haworth, Jr.

I’m filled with gratitude. My cancer journey has been a great reminder fo the blessings in my life. I was diagnosed with colon cancer on February 11, 2016, and was in surgery five days later. I’ve been overwhelmed by the skill, kindness, and compassion of the team of great doctors, nurses, and hospital staff fighting alongside me. In addition to my beautiful wife and kids, family, co-workers, and fellow patients have added their strength to mine through the subsequent six months of chemotherapy. They make it easy to endure and come through this as a stronger, healthier, happier and more grateful person.

Benilda Limjoco

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2014 with no family history of the disease. It came as an ultimate shock and feelings of fear and devastation took over. I realized how short life can be and it was frightening because it was out of my control. I put my faith in the hands of God and my doctors. God has given me strength and courage to get through this journey. The prayers and support of my family and friends comforted me and I never felt alone with them by my side. I had and still have and excellent team of doctors who are very caring and compassionate and whose professional expertise made me whole again.

Ryan Martin

In September of 2014 I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As I was trying to grasp the new reality in my life and trying to make sense of it all, I was quickly reassured that I was not alone in this new journey. The doctors and medical staff at St. Joseph Hospital helped me understand that I was going to get through this. They fought with and for me. I am proud to say that I am cancer free and living my new normal. Thank you St. Joseph Hospital!.

Izi Martinez-Green

This Cuban-Italian girl from Tampa, Florida drove cross country to California in 1974, and has been a resident of Orange County now for over 42 years. Luckily I did, especially since I feel blessed to be on staff at St. Joseph Hospital of Orange, and now also a cancer patient of this wonderful hospital. I have been on the Special Events team since 2007, helping to coordinate this inspirational event Circles of Life Fashion Show and Luncheon and will now walk the “Boulevard of the Brave” runway representing the cancer community. I am thankful for my brilliant doctors: Drs. Tran, Ash and Carpenter, the amazing nurses, my son Ryan, dear friends and the “Angel Squad!” Remember ... God is bigger than Cancer!!

Lynn Maurillo

I found out that I had breast cancer on March 17, 2016. My doctor had called me and I felt like a bomb had gone off in my lap. I was too healthy to have cancer. Always staying in shape and concerning myself with nutrition since I was a teenager. It was a journey that I could never prepare for. My life changed dramatically over the last year during treatment. I am blessed to have the love and support of my family, good friends, and especially my husband, Tony. I went through surgery, chemo, radiation and the standstill of my life as I once knew it. I regain my strength a little more every day. I feel so blessed to have so many caring people in my life and the caring and guidance I received from my doctors.

Elizabeth Motley

In June 2016, I received a stage II breast cancer diagnosis. I chose to keep it a secret from my family. I was so afraid not only for me but for my children. It was too much to bear at the time. Breast cancer became a challenging new life journey I had to learn to share with others. I had to fight my own fear of cancer. I did not know anything about breast cancer but I wanted to survive this illness. It became more of a reality when cancer invaded my calendar with doctor’s appointments. My phone was my new friend where I researched my cancer diagnosis and was blessed to meet my online pink sisters. I am grateful to have a strong supporting team, my family, friends, and St. Joseph Hospital Medical Team. Faith is the power of my healing. “Being alive is the meaning.” I look forward to a future.

Mae Parrett

I wasn’t going to do it…but it is a good thing I did! The CDC website suggested mammogram screenings every 2 years for woman age 50-75. Being almost 75, I debated if I really needed another mammogram-but decided to do it one more time…And, yes, there is was, breast cancer. I am now cancer free, and look forward to a full life with my friends and family, thanks to early detection and having extraordinary treatment by St. Joseph Hospital doctors. HAVE YOUR RECOMMENDED CANCER SCREENINGS, THEY COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE.

Patricia Raburn

I’ve had a long history with St. Joseph Hospital. As a child, I had severe asthma which meant many trips to the St. Joseph Hospital emergency room. In my 30’s I was treated there when I suffered a massive stroke. I’m now in my 40’s and have had a new challenge to face - breast cancer. With all of the challenges I’ve had, I have had a team of people behind me to help me through it. I am blessed with an amazing support system, my husband Rob, my daughter Elizabeth, and my son Aaron. I also have an amazing group of friends and very big family in my corner, People call me a survivor, I call myself “Wonder Woman.”

Carmyle Seville

I was diagnosed with Stage II, Large B-cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in June 2006. A month after my 32nd birthday and five days after my niece, Isabel was born. I was in shock and it seemed the world was closing in on me. Many thoughts played in my head. I went through chemo and radiation, but that was 11 years ago and God has been good to me. He blessed me with a great family and friends who have prayed and supported me in this challenge, and the doctors and their staff for their care and compassion. I look at every day as a journey. Life is full of challenges and surprises; just stay strong and continue to have faith and hope.

Amy Valle

I am a two-year Stage III breast cancer survivor. I had just finished running my second marathon in March and was feeling healthy and stronger than ever before. Then in May, I noticed a lump in my breast. I felt very frightened and unprepared. I am grateful that I found the doctors at St. Joseph Hospital. I knew I was in good hands and was receiving the best care possible. I will be forever grateful for the support of my amazing husband, my family and my friends, and all the wonderful doctors and support staff at St. Joseph Hospital for standing by my side to see me through this journey.

Stephanie Wise

On July 2, 2014, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer while I was three-quarters into a year- long yoga teacher training. After the diagnoses it seemed there was only room for shock and fear. However, with the emotional and mental support of my family, friends and amazing physician and nurses, I was able to move forward with courage. I decided to complete the yoga teacher training and in February of 2015, I began teaching (while taking breaks for numerous surgeries). In August of 2015, I was told I was finally cancer free. The blessings I have received on this journey are numerous and I look forward to a life filled with family, friendship, challenge, and joy.