Ways to Give

Light Up A Life

Light Up A Life, St. Joseph Hospital’s holiday tradition to support Hospice, has been retired after 20 years. This decision does not eliminate the opportunity to continue to raise money for Hospice, but opens up new ways to do so on a year-round basis.

Friends for Life is a recognition list of Light Up A Life donors who have made a tribute gift of $1,000 or more. (The listing is now closed.)

If you would like to donate to Hospice, please click here. .

Friends for Life

Ms. Dorothy J. Allard Ms. Carole Anderson Mr. Richard Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Andreff Anima Christi Foundation, Inc. Atkinson, Anderson, Loya, Ruud & Romo
Mr. Allyn A. Ayotte Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bachman Terrance K. & Elizabeth L. Barry Foundation
Ms. Michol Mary Beltran Mr. Leland O. Boles Mr. Alfred Boll
Mr. Alan E.J. Branigan Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Bridenbecker Mrs. Martha Ann Brooks
Mr. Raymond G. Butters CARE Ambulance Services Mrs. Opal E. Carsten
Mr. Steve Routon and Ms. Amy S. Chen Mr. and Mrs Earl E. Clayton Ms. Patricia Ann Clayton
CLH Transportation Mrs. Elizabeth H. Collins Mr. Joseph W. Conway, Sr.
Mrs. Marjorie R. Conway Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Jay Cox Ms. Marge Cox
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Creasman Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Cundiff Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Dekramer
Ms. Charlotte DuFour Mr. and Mrs. William D. Dufour, Jr. Ms. Bobbie Duncan
Ms. Fairy D. Earnest Mr. Pat Elliott Dr. and Mrs. S. Laverne Eng
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey S. Fearns Mr. Glen Feeback Ms. Susan Ferguson
Fidelity Investments Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Fischel Ms. Barbara Lorraine Fitchen
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Fitchen Ms. Katherine Folkes Mrs. Evelyn A. Freed
Mr. Roger Seisback and Mrs. Mary R. Friel Estate of Jane Fritzinger Mrs. Martha K. Furbur
Mr. Edward Furtek Mrs. Marianna Furtek Mrs. Lore Gauntt
Mr. Norton L. Graham Estate of Elenor Graham Mr. Robert J. Graham
Mrs. Gladys Hagerty Mr. Samuel Hambarian Ms. Jeanne Hamilton
Ms. Sylvia Hansink Jay K. Harness, MD Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Harrigan
Mr. Donald Hartshorn Mrs. Shirley A. Hartshron Estate of Miriam Allene R. Heinberg
Mr. Wolf Heinberg Mrs. Doris Hirota Mrs. Mary L. Hodge
Ms. Mabelle Hoiles R.S. Hoyt Jr. Family Foundation Mrs. Barbara C. Hoyt
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Hryniewicki Informative Research Mr. Steve Jahn
Mr. and Mrs Roland J. Jensen Mrs. Norma S. Jones Mr. Robert Kent
Ms. Eileen Kew Mr. Thomas J. Kew Ms. Dorothy J. Killian
Ms. Kathleen Rae Kott Ms. Claire S. Kubota Mr. John Kuhel
Ms. Lila Maye Kutz Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Landry Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. LaPorte
Mrs. Amalia Lawson Mrs. Margaret Lazzara Wah Hop Ling
Ms. Dolores Lowery LTI Automotive Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Lundon
Ms. Janet V. Lynch Mr. Thomas E. Lynch, Sr. Dennis Malkasian, MD
Mr. Thomas M. Malone Mr. Mike Malone Ms.Lorraine Mayes
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory McCanna Mr. Robert McGrath Mr. and Mrs. John McKinnon
Mr. Ray McLaughlin The Modglin Family Foundation Mrs. Marsha Moeller
Ms. Velma M. Moore Ms. Shirley J. Moretti Ms. Kathryn A. Morrow
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Morrow Mr. Gary Munsell Mrs. Joyce M. Munsell
Mr. and Mrs. Corey M. Myer, Jr. Ms. Gayle Myer Ms. Linda M. Nelson OFS
Ms. Beverly J. Nickey Mr. Franklin P. Nickey Ms. Cheryl E. Nitta
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Orr Mrs. Edgar E. Pankey Estate of Cecilia Ann Payne
Mrs. Joan E. Peer Mr. Robert L. Peer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Perricone
Mr. Robert Kuhel and Mrs. Lisa Perrine Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Post Mr. Patrick D. Powers
Mr. Richard Prentiss Mr. Paul D. Pursell Mr. Robert R. Pursell
Mr. and Mrs. Dan C. Richardson Mrs. Edith F. Rodenbaugh Mrs. Judith J. Roseberry
Marshall Rowen, MD Mrs. John M. Salyer Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sell
Mr. and Mrs. Owen R. Skelton Ms. Marjorie C. Smith Ms. Irene F. Sinks
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Reed Sprinkel Mr. and Mrs. Michael Steinmann St. Joseph Hospital Endoscopy Department
Outpatient Pavilion Ms. Karen E. Stockton Mrs. Laura M. Stofko
Mr. Lawrence J. Stofko Drs. M. Linda and James Sutherland Mrs. Iva M. Swayne
Mrs. Marian F. Tang Ms. Marie Wolfskill Terry Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Touby Mrs. Erma Jean Tracy Dr. and Mrs. Ivan Turpin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Wallace Mr. Joseph D. Wallin Mrs. Virginia S. Wallin
Mrs. Connie White Mr. Joseph White Ms. Gene Widdicombe
Mr. Roland Marc Widdicombe Mr. Rolland Robert Widdicombe Mr. Paul Yeung and Ms. Janet Tang
Mrs. Marcia K. Young