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Innovating for a Healthier Community

St. Joseph Hospital has launched Innovating for a Healthier Community, a $50M comprehensive multi-year campaign. Philanthropic support will provide funds for innovative technology and growth of key programs. With your help we can grow the "margin of excellence" at St. Joseph Hospital.

Please see our campaign priorities below to learn more about the services you can make a double impact on by supporting St. Joseph Hospital.

2015 - 2020 PrioritiesSupport the campaign

Behavioral Health Services

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Making good on its commitment to provide the best in caring for body, mind and spirit for our community, St. Joseph Hospital is a longtime leader in neuro-psychiatric and substance use disorders treatment in our Behavioral Health Center of Excellence. The new behavioral health expansion project is the first behavioral health facility renovation in several decades that will increase the number of inpatient behavioral health beds and eliminate all 4-bed wards. Patient satisfaction, and in turn their openness to treatment, will be significantly improved.

Philanthropic Goal: $2M

Emergency Care Center (Phase 2)

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The Emergency Care Center is the site of upwards of 82,000 patient visits annually and is undergoing extensive renovations to improve privacy and convenience and reduce wait times. Patient needs will be seamlessly meshed with appropriate medical resources to provide the right care, in just the right amount, for the right needs, at the right time.

Philanthropic Goal: $4.1M

Nursing Excellence and Endowment

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Nurses at St. Joseph Hospital are among the finest in the nation, earning the prestigious Magnet® designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. The Nursing Excellence fund, which will also include an endowment component, provides resources to further develop clinical expertise, acquire new technology, improve patient safety, and support research to enhance each patient's experience of care.

Philanthropic Goal: $5M

Cancer Care

The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment is moving care forward across several all-important fronts.

PET/CT Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography

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The next generation PET/CT scanner, one of only two scanners like it anywhere in the United States, will furnish unmatched imaging detail.

Philanthropic Goal: $4M

3-Dimensional Tomosynthesis Mammography

Another notable new detection development is 3-dimensional tomosynthesis mammography, also available at a select number of hospitals.

Philanthropic Goal: $750,000

Linear Accelerator

Cancer Treatment will be strengthened with a new linear accelerator that will target radiation therapy with pinpoint accuracy.

Philanthropic Goal: $3M

Intraoperative Radiation Therapy

Introduced to Orange County by St. Joseph Hospital cancer physicians, Intraoperative Radiation Therapy treatment provides a single dose of radiation immediately after lumpectomy procedures, eliminating the need for weeks of daily radiation sessions.

Philanthropic Goal: $3M

Cancer Navigators

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During every phase of cancer treatment, highly skilled and empathetic cancer navigators coordinate the many components of care and offer solace and support.

Philanthropic Goal: $4M

Cancer Research

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Easing access to clinical trials for patients, The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment converts relevant research into effective outcomes.

Philanthropic Goal: $4M

Structural Heart Disease Program

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The new Structural Heart Disease Program will concentrate on correcting physical flaws of the heart, mobilizing sophisticated 3-dimensional computer guided imaging linked with catheter technology. Procedures once requiring major surgery followed by weeks of recovery can be successfully performed minimally-invasive.

Philanthropic Goal: $1.2M

Advanced Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of the mainstays of modern health care, a go-to diagnostic tool. Always at the forefront, St. Joseph Hospital is planning to acquire a new 3T MRI, featuring twice the imaging power of typical hospital MRI units.

Philanthropic Goal: $2.5M

Care for the Poor Endowment (Phase 2)

The Care for the Poor program helps to improve the health of hard-working families who are struggling financially. The Care for the Poor Endowment will help to sustain the clinic programs in perpetuity.

Philanthropic Goal: $2.5M

Mother-Baby Assessment Center

Every baby deserves a healthy happy start in life, and with 5,000 babies born at St. Joseph Hospital each year, we offer the best family-centered care. A key component of our Maternity Program is the Mother-Baby Assessment center, where we provide follow-up care by a registered nurse certified in lactation consulting to ensure both mother and baby are transitioning well and supporting a healthy start for the newborn.

Philanthropic Goal: $800,000

Cardiac Catheterization Lab

St. Joseph Hospital's cardiac catheterization lab currently fulfills requirements to treat patients with structural heart disease and other complex cases. Upgrading our cardiac cath lab with advanced 3D imaging and positioning technology will allow us the flexibility and support to perform a broader range of new therapeutic cardiovascular procedures such as aortic valve replacements, mitral valve repairs and others.

Philanthropic Goal: $1.5M

Emerging Priorities

Innovating for a Healthier Community will adapt to the changing health care landscape by funding emerging priorities in critical areas. Philanthropic generosity is nothing less than the inspiration for innovating. Your support will truly make a difference to nearly every patient at St. Joseph Hospital. Cancer care or heart care, nursing excellence or advanced imaging, Emergency Care Center or Care for the Poor, your gift will matter to thousands of people for years to come.

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