For Patients

Private Rooms

You may request a private room prior to admission or during the admission process. St. Joseph Hospital will try to accommodate your request for a private room, if one is available. Most rooms in the Patient Care Center are private rooms. If you prefer a private room, please notify the Admitting Counselor upon admission, or the Patient Account Specialist during the pre-registration process by calling (714) 771-8070. If you decide that you would like a private room after you have been admitted to the hospital, contact your nurse. St. Joseph Hospital attempts to offer as many private rooms for our patients as possible.

For optimal care, our placement process assigns patients with specific diagnoses to specific nursing units. This may or may not result in a private room.

Private rooms in the OB area are assigned on a first-delivered, first-served basis. You may request a private room upon admission, but it will not be assigned until you deliver your baby. Special Celebration of Life packages which include a private room are available to delivering families on a first come, first served basis for an extra fee. If there are no private rooms available upon delivery, you will be assigned to a semi-private room. One support person can stay overnight in private rooms. If you are assigned to a semi-private room and have no roommate, the support person may stay and sleep in a chair/cot in the room. If the other bed in the room is needed during the night, the support person may need to leave the room at that time.