For Patients

Your Room

Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible during your stay with us.

Calling Your Nurse

A call button is located at your bedside. When you press the button, the nursing station is alerted that you need assistance, and a light flashes above your door. A staff member may use an intercom to speak with you. Someone will respond as soon as possible. If you encounter any problems using the call light button, please alert your nurse.

During the Night

Please use the call light to alert the nurse if you need to get out of bed for any reason. Strange surroundings and some medications may create a hazard if you get up without assistance.

Family Stays

St. Joseph Hospital is committed to patient and family focused care. With nurse approval, one adult family member per patient is permitted to stay the night when indicated to promote care and healing. Please speak with your nurse to make arrangements.

Hospital Beds

Since hospital beds are electrically operated, a staff member will show you how to work your bed. If you have any questions regarding your bed, please contact your nurse for assistance.

Leaving the Unit

Patients may not leave the unit unless escorted for diagnostic testing or procedures.

Your Room Assignment

Your room assignment at St. Joseph Hospital is based upon your admitting diagnosis and bed availability. If you have any questions, please contact your nurse.

Cleanliness of Your Room

A member of our Environmental Services department will clean your room daily. If there is a concern with the cleanliness of your room, please let our staff know.

Room Temperature

All rooms in the hospital are centrally heated and air-conditioned. If your room temperature is not comfortable, please contact your nurse.


We are pleased to provide local calls at no charge. Toll and long-distance calls must be collect or charged to your calling card. Calling cards may be purchased in our Wishing Well Gift Shop (located in the hospital’s main lobby). Simply dial “0” and the hospital operator will connect you to the long distance carrier of your choice. Your family and friends can call you at any time by dialing (714) 633-9111. The hospital operator will transfer the call directly to your room. Friends and family who call before 7 a.m. and after 10 p.m. will be transferred to the nurses’ station so patients can rest. The caller may be asked to leave a message, which will be given to you at the earliest possible time. If you experience dialing difficulty, please contact the hospital operator for assistance by dialing “0”.

Interactive Television

All patient rooms are equipped with an interactive television. Patients can watch local television, surf the internet, watch educational programs, find information on the hospital’s services and rent movies-on-demand. You can access the on-demand educational videos 24 hours a day through interactive television. Please remember to keep your television at a moderate volume so as not to disturb others. Mass is televised on Channel 3, Monday through Friday (noon), Saturdays (5 p.m.) and Sundays (8 and 9:30 a.m.) Channel 3 plays relaxing scenes when Mass is not being televised.