For Physicians Only

Ethics Consults

The Ethics Resource Team (ERT) can help you when a family is in conflict and the conflict is interfering with your caring for the patient; when there are no family members available to make end-of-life decisions; or when a patient’s wishes are not being honored by others or other ethical dilemmas. You can call for an ethics consult and get the help you need to provide the care that is in the best interest of the patient without all the stress in trying to work out this dilemma by yourself.

The ERT has the resource of the Ethical Resource Grid that states the policies and procedures, the state and federal guidelines and the Ethical and Religious Directives(ERD) that guide St. Joseph Hospital's standards. This help is only a phone call away. Dial “O” and ask for the on-call Ethics Committee member or call the Spiritual Care department at x18137 during normal working hours. (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

POLST form
Please follow the link to download the POLST form for St. Joseph Hospital patients and print on pink paper.

Direction of Care brochure
Click on the above link to download the Directions of Care brochure, a decision-making tool used in patient/family conferences.