For Physicians Only

You St Joseph Hospital in the News

The St. Joseph Hospital Public Relations team is always looking for new and compelling stories about our patients, physicians, and employees to pitch to various news outlets. Below are some things to take into consideration when identifying “newsworthy” stories.

What makes something "newsworthy"?

  • Is it timely? What may have been news last week could be old this week. If you have a really great patient or a new procedure it is best to let the Public Relations team know before it happens. If you wait too long, media may lose interest.
  • Is it innovative? Are you doing an interesting/new procedure?
  • Is it unusual or different? If there are similar products or services, what is unique about yours?
  • Is it something that has never been done before, or has never been done before in our community? If it has been done before, how is it being done differently this time and why?
  • Does it tie in with a current item in the news?
  • Does it tie in with a trend?
  • Does it tie in with a particular season or holiday?
  • Is it information that previously did not exist (such as results of a study)?
  • Does it have emotional appeal? (Human Interest Story) Is it a moving, amusing or inspiring story?
  • Are you an Expert? Media relations monitors breaking news and current trends and offers up news experts and story pitches to media as an alternate option to position our faculty and staff in the media.
  • Does it involve any type of social media? This includes Facebook, Twitter, or any other type of social media.

If one or more of these apply to you and something that you are currently doing and you are interested in media, please email