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Dr. Ray Explaining Kidney Transplants
Sep 14, 2017
Dr. Ray Casciari physician at St. Joseph Hospital of Orange stopped by the The Tim Conway, Jr. Show last night to talk about what's involved in a kidney transplant after news broke that Selena Gomez received one from her friend. Listen to the ...
Testament of True Love
Jul 20, 2017
Wife is a perfect match to donate kidney to husband with polycystic kidney disease.
Teen Dies From Too Much Caffeine, Coroner Says
May 16, 2017
Dr. Ray Casciari, physician at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange talks about the dangers of caffeine laden-drinks. Read more: ...
The church doesn't talk enough about postpartum depression. These Catholic women are changing that.
May 5, 2017
For Marissa Nichols, the turning point came one night in 2011 when her husband went out to buy milk. Sitting in their apartment in Santa Clara, Calif., with her then 2-year-old daughter and infant son, she felt profoundly alone and in despair. They ...