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Eats for beats: 5 foods to boost heart health
Oct 3, 2017
Many of us know eating more fruits and vege-tables may help ward off some types of cancers, that more fiber-rich foods help to keep us full and that protein is the foundation of strong muscles and bones. Food also plays a big role in healthy hearts. ...
Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History
Oct 2, 2017
Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History Dr. Ray Casciari discusses the mass shooting in Las Vegas with the Tim Conway Jr. Show on KFI AM640. (His interview begins at 01:04:00.) Listen to "Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History"
Are Biosimilar Drugs the Future of Cancer Treatment?
Oct 2, 2017
The first biosimilar for cancer treatment has FDA approval and more are in the pipeline. Doctors say it’s too soon to say how it will affect cancer patients. Some of the most exciting advancements in cancer treatment involve biologic therapies. ...
'Cancer Pen' Could Make Tumor Surgery Easier, More Accurate
Sep 19, 2017
'Cancer Pen' Could Make Tumor Surgery Easier, More Accurate Doctors are cautiously optimistic about a new handheld device that researchers say can tell the difference between healthy tissue and cancerous tissue. When you have surgery to remove a cancerous tumor, you want your doctor to get every last bit of ...