Bariatric Surgery Program

Mary Nell Jeffries, P.T.
1100 West Stewart Dr.
Orange, CA 92868-5600

Bariatric Care Center Physical Therapist

Mary Nell Jeffries holds a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University, Long Beach, and has worked at St. Joseph Hospital as a Registered Physical Therapist since 1998.

Mary Nell joined the Bariatric Care Center partly in response to her interest in obesity. She states, "At one time I was very overweight. Through the help of my support group and an increase in physical activity, I was able to achieve a much healthier weight. Because I love my new healthy, active body, I decided to pursue a career in physical therapy to help others. The Bariatric Care Center is my way of connecting with others who share in the complex disease of obesity."

Besides working, Mary Nell enjoys going to the gym, walking, reading, knitting and spending time with her friends.