Behavioral Health Services

Inpatient Services

Individuals who require 24-hour treatment for psychiatric and/or chemical dependency (co-occurring psychiatric and chemical dependence or medical detoxification) problems will find help from St. Joseph Hospital Behavioral Health Services (BHS). Often referred to as the Rush Center, our unit offers inpatient treatment for individuals 18 years or older. Our program provides a full range of psychiatric services. Upon admission, patients work with their physician and a multidisciplinary team to determine their medical and psychosocial status and develop a “Plan of Care” to initiate active treatment that includes medical supervision and medication management by a psychiatrist as well as patient education and treatment related to their psychiatric symptoms and/or substance dependence. Individual, group, and family therapy is also part of treatment. To help ensure a smooth transition back home or in continuing outpatient treatment, we provide comprehensive aftercare planning, with referrals to the appropriate community services.

Basic Admission Requirements for Inpatient Treatment

Patients may be admitted voluntarily or involuntarily. Involuntary admission may occur when the patient is a danger to self, a danger to others, or is gravely disabled. Individuals who are actively exhibiting symptoms of a major mental illness, including depression or psychotic thinking, individuals with a plan to harm themselves or others, or individuals who do not have the capacity to perform those functions required to care for themselves due to a mental disorder should be assessed for inpatient treatment.

Types of Inpatient Treatment

The Inpatient unit provides treatment for a variety of behavioral treatment needs:

  • All psychiatric diagnoses
  • Medically supervised detoxification from alcohol or other chemical dependence
  • Co-occurring (Dual Diagnosis) treatment for individuals with both a behavioral and chemical dependency diagnoses
  • Eating Disorders assessment for treatment and referral
  • Treatment for individuals on a 5150 involuntary hold due to danger to self, danger to others, or grave disability
  • Medical and Neurological evaluation as required through the assessment process