Behavioral Health Services

Treatment for Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression can be treated with counseling, support groups and medication. The St. Joseph Hospital "Caring for Women with Maternal Depression Program" is run by a team of psychiatrists, licensed clinical and social workers who provide comprehensive help and support to women who suffer from postpartum depression.

Getting Help at St. Joseph Hospital

The "Caring for Women with Maternal Depression Program" is part of the comprehensive services and support that St. Joseph Hospital provides to their patients and the larger community. In fact, 100 percent of mothers who deliver at St. Joseph Hospital are screened for postpartum depression. Also, we work in collaboration with a program called MOMS (Maternal Outreach Management System) to provide services for our Spanish-speaking patients.

The program has been treating mothers since 2006. It has been instrumental in educating other medical professionals about symptoms of postpartum depression, as well as treatment for women who suffer from this condition.

Our Program Includes:

  • Individual counseling sessions
  • New Mother's Group
  • Medication Services as needed

For more information, call 714-771-8101.