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J-Pouch Support Group

Welcome to St. Joseph Hospital's Ileo-anal Anastomosis or J-Pouch Support Group web page!

Our support group was started in 1987 by Betty Campbell and Theodore Coutsoftides, M.D. Patients who have had, or are considering, restorative protocolectomy, ilea-anal resection, ileal-anal pouch, J-pouch, pelvic pouch, ileal pouch-anal anastomosis, IPAA, ileal-anal reservoir surgery are invited to attend the quarterly J-Pouch Support Group.

The meetings are held the third Saturday of January, April , July and October from 10 a.m. to noon in the TODOS Conference Room in The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment at St. Joseph Hospital. Click here for map and driving directions. Refreshments are served.

What happens during the meeting?

Lively discussion regarding the surgery and recovery is held by members. Also, veterans of the J-Pouch Support Group provide encouragement to new patients and their families. The group has been a positive resource in the lives of J-pouch patients. Many patients return to the support group to offer their insight and wisdom.

Many questions and concerns come to the mind of patients and their loved ones when considering and proceeding with the procedure. They may feel isolated or even frightened. The J-Pouch Support Group can be a positive influence in answering questions and providing general information regarding the surgery and post-operative care.

Support group attendees include a surgeon, the Colorectal Nurse Navigator and the ET/CWOCN nurses who are happy to address any questions or concerns patients and their families many have.