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General Dietary Guidelines

General Guidelines:


Eat meals at regular times, three or more times daily.

Skipping meals may cause more gas production.

Chew all foods thoroughly Chewing assists the digestive process and reduces the chance of good blockages.
During the first 4 to 6 weeks, limit foods that may produce excessive gas, loose stools, or which may be incompletely digested. This will decrease the chance for food blockage and reduce the amount of gas and stool.

Include foods in your diet that may help thicken the stool.

This helps the food move more slowly through the small intestine. It also allows better absorption of nutrients and water.

Drink adequate fluids (eight to 10 glasses per day).

Drinking fluids will help reduce fluids lost through your ileostomy.

Try new foods one at a time.

This allows you to determine food tolerance.

Monitor how the foods you eat affect the consistency of your stool.

This will help you make food choices to manage stool consistency while you have your ileostomy and after the ileostomy is closed.