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J-Pouch Support Group Testimonials

Honesty, support, knowledge, frankness are what I hear/get from the J-Pouch Support Group. New/old members are important as they open the discussions. I feel this is one of the strengths of the group. All ages, new and old surgeries attend and we say what is on our minds. Nothing is sacred. You always walk away with new or supporting information.

I like the J-Pouch Support Group because I can share my personal J-pouch issues with other people who share and understand what I'm experiencing.

My surgeries were over 14 years ago. The support meetings have been great because it's a place where we can meet and talk about everything different our bodies are doing. We feel normal here!

Always a great place to get questions answered, have a few laughs, make new friends, and know you're not alone.

I like the group because I learn that a lot of problems I have are problems that others have. And we can share remedies. A website through this group would be very good. New problems can happen and group members can offer support from their experiences.

The meetings are great to interface and discuss our various "issues."

I like the J-Pouch Support Group because it allows me to realize many people have the same issues as me. It is nice to have an open forum to discuss everything that can result from having a J-pouch and to understand that a pouch doesn't have to limit your life.

The J-Pouch Support Group offers an opportunity for camaraderie and gives one a sense that we are not alone. I enjoy hearing about common problems and solutions. I receive dietary advice to try myself. There is open discussion of signs, symptoms, potential concerns, travel tips, pouchitis signs/treatments.

I like the J-Pouch Support Group because of the personal sharing of experiences/ solutions to issues because these experiences always answer questions I have or have had.

After having my one-step J-pouch at St. Joseph Hospital in 2002 I started attending meetings of the hospital's J- Pouch Support Group. The information I have learned at these meetings has helped me to live a happy life. I am very active and I jog, surf, work full-time and do things that 10 years ago I could not imagine that I would be doing. I am grateful to St. Joseph Hospital and to the people who dedicate their lives to providing services such as this support group.