Gastroenterology Services

Ambulatory pH Study (Bravo®)


Wireless pH testing is used to evaluate how often acid moves from the stomach to the esophagus. The Bravo® system allows you to continue your normal activities and eliminates the need for uncomfortable nasal tubes associated with older forms of ambulatory pH tests. Unlike previous pH testing capabilities, the Bravo® device also delivers a higher degree of accuracy since patients can maintain regular eating, drinking and lifestyle patterns.

Preparing for the procedure

Your upper GI tract must be empty of all foods and liquids at least six hours prior to the procedure. There is no removal process involved with this test since the sensor naturally detaches itself from the esophagus and is passed through stool.

During the procedure

The Bravo® Ambulatory pH System is a miniature monitoring device that is implanted in the esophagus to transmit pH data to a recording device, allowing your doctor to assess your reflux activity over a 48-hour period. The device is implanted endoscopically under sedation and its presence is not detectable after insertion.