Gastroenterology Services

Anorectal Motility Study


An Anorectal Motility (or Manometry) test is performed by inserting a flexible tube with a small balloon into the rectum to assess the pressures and function of the sphincter muscle, which regulates and controls bowel movements. This test evaluates overall pelvic floor coordination in patients experiencing constipation or incontinence.

Preparing for the procedure

A fleet enema must be taken two hours prior to the procedure. You should not eat anything during this time. It is recommended that patients wear comfortable clothing and inform staff about any latex allergies.

During the procedure

The test takes approximately 30 minutes. The patient lies on their left side while a small, flexible tube with a balloon at the end is inserted into the rectum. The small balloon attached to the catheter is connected to a machine that measures reflex pathways. You may be asked to squeeze, push or relax throughout the test in order for the technician to assess sphincter muscle pressures. Immediately after the procedure, you may continue with normal activities.