Gastroenterology Services

Colonic Stent Placement


Colonic stents may be used to treat obstructed portions of the large intestine in patients with colon cancer or a bowel blockage. Obstructions in the colon are commonly caused by tumors inside the large intestine or pressure on the outside wall. The stents are flexible, hallow tubes designed to open the blocked section of the colon.

Preparing for the procedure

Colonic stent placement is performed during a colonoscopy. Similar to preparing for a colonoscopy, your bowel must be emptied either through an enema or prescribed medication from your doctor. Your doctor will discuss the best preparation method for you.

During the procedure

A colonoscope is inserted into the rectum to view the blockage. Once the blockage is found, a soft wire will be placed over the blockage. Next, the wire is accurately positioned and a thin tube with the stent at the end is placed over the wire.

You'll need to arrange for transportation home since sedative medication may cause drowsiness. You may experience bowel bleeding for a couple of days after the procedure. Let your doctor know if the bleeding does not subside after two days.