Healthy Lifestyle Series

Exercise Program

About the Program

Whether you avidly stick to an exercise routine or you want to start toning your muscles, the Exercise Program is designed to help you exercise properly. Each of our wellness coordinators is a certified athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist who will guide you through exercises personalized just for you. You'll learn exercises you can do at home, as well as how to use the machines at the gym, including free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls and more. We offer several packages within the Exercise Program, including Keeping Fit While You Sit, Event Training, Body After Baby, Fit Over Fifty and more.

The introductory program includes:

  • 1-hour private session with wellness nurse and wellness coordinator
  • Home and gym exercises
  • Keep fit while you sit (or stand) at work
  • Event training (5K walks/runs, marathons, triathlons)
  • Performance enhancement (i.e., strength and conditioning training to help improve stamina)
  • Modified Functional Movement Screen (identifies physical limitations and muscular imbalances; corrective exercises address any issues and reduce the risk of injury)

The introductory cost is $30. The cost for additional sessions includes:

  • $20 for a private 30-minute session
  • $40 for a private 1-hour session

We also offer group sessions:

  • Group (2-3 people) 30-minute session: $15 each
  • Group (4-6 people) 30-minute session: $10 each