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About the Functional Movement Screen

Making time for exercise is important, but taking the time to exercise properly is imperative in order to minimize potential risk of injury. That's why it's important to understand your body's strengths and weaknesses before implementing certain exercises into your wellness routine. The Functional Movement Screen is performed by one of our wellness coordinators who are certified athletic trainers, and certified strength and conditioning specialists.

The Functional Movement Screen:

  • Tests seven basic movement patterns, including a deep squat, shoulder mobility, a hurdle step, the active straight-leg raise, trunk stability push-up, an in-line lunge and rotary stability
  • Identifies muscular imbalances and weaknesses associated with injury risk
  • Assists in customizing a corrective exercise program to address areas of concern, improve balance and reduce risk of injury
  • Monitors your progress and movement patterns in the presence of changing fitness levels

The cost of the Functional Movement Screen is $50.