Healthy Lifestyle Series

FIT (Fitness, Instruction, Training)

About FIT

Our Healthy Lifestyle Series experts developed a personalized fitness, instruction and training (FIT) program that provides each patient with the self-confidence they need to start safe and effective exercise, including an understanding of dietary requirements to achieve overall wellness.

Goals of the FIT Program

  • Improve exercise tolerance, as well as overall strength, stamina and mobility
  • Decrease anxiety and enhance self-confidence
  • Assist in the development of a healthy lifestyle to control risk factors for heart disease
  • Increase confidence and security so patients can continue their normal activities of daily living

The FIT Program Includes

  • Access to highly trained medical staff, including registered nurses who can assist with exercise guidelines for
    • Post-surgical patients
    • Pre-surgical patients
    • Heart health
    • Nutrition
    • Other conditions
  • Access to exercise physiologists and certified athletic trainers who have experience working in all fitness levels with people of all ages to help you meet the following goals
    • Weight loss
    • Strength
    • Mobility
    • Balance
    • Event training

Hours and Cost

The FIT Program is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Program participants can workout for as long or as little as the want during these times. The first month costs $100, which includes a monthly $50 fee and 1-hour initial consult with a wellness coordinator.

Contact Us

Schedule your initial consultation for the FIT Program with one our wellness coordinators by calling 714-744-8523 or emailing