Heart and Vascular Center


The American College of Cardiology (ACC) believes that in order for a physician to reduce the risk of missed or inappropriate diagnoses, he or she should perform at least 100 echocardiograms each year.

St. Joseph Hospital's experienced physicians far exceed this guideline, together performing more than 1,680 echocardiograms each year. In addition, more than 220 TEEs and 7000 Doppler ultrasounds are performed annually.

Our experienced staff performs almost 500 Holter monitoring studies each year and 300 electrophysiology studies for both adult and pediatric patients.

To improve healthcare quality, the ACC strongly supports laboratory accreditation for its independent evaluation and validation of performance of providers and facilities. Patients can rely on accreditation as an indication that the facility where their examination will be performed has proven a commitment to providing quality testing for the diagnosis of heart disorders and disease. Patients can rest assured that accredited facilities have been carefully critiqued on all aspects of operations relevant in the field of echocardiography.