Kidney Transplant Center

For Physicians

Surgeons at the St. Joseph Hospital Kidney Transplant Center work closely with the transplant patient's referring nephrologist to ensure continuity of care. Following transplantation, care of the patient is in collaboration with the referring nephrologist.

We require that patients remain with their referring nephrologist, after transplantation, to ensure continuity of care.

As the referring nephrologist, you play an important role in helping achieve the best possible transplant outcomes. The referring nephrologist's role in transplant patient management includes:

  • Early referral for transplant candidacy evaluation (ideally before dialysis)
  • Communication of changes in the patient's condition that may affect maintenance of candidacy
  • Post-transplant evaluation and management of:
    • Hypertension
    • Cardiac risk
    • Hyperlipidemia
    • Bone health
    • Post-transplant diabetes
    • Age-related malignancies
  • Communication of any:
    • Transplant dysfunction
    • Infection
    • Transplant-related malignancy