The Golden Hour

The first hour of life is a special time for family bonding. We call this first hour the Golden Hour because it enhances the bonding experience and the baby’s growth and development. Our nurses fully support and encourage this time for families and ask that all visitors remain in the main lobby during this special time.

Immediately after the baby is born, he/she is dried off and placed skin-to-skin on mom's bare chest. As long as the baby is healthy, he will remain undisturbed until he breastfeeds for the first time. A blanket will provide warmth and comfort to both mom and baby. Mom provides the perfect heat for baby, and the rise and fall of her chest regulates the baby’s heart rate and breathing. Routine procedures, such as bathing and weighing, will be delayed for the first hour. Any necessary procedures can be done with baby on mom's chest during skin-to-skin time.

Click here for more information on skin-to-skin positioning.