Mother-Baby Assessment Center

St. Joseph Hospital's award winning Mother-Baby Assessment Center provides a safety net for new moms during that critical time between hospital discharge and the first visit with a physician.

You and your baby will be scheduled for a Mother-Baby Assessment Center follow-up appointment within a few days after discharge from the hospital. The appointment will be made during your Mother-Baby Unit stay. Our staff will work in conjunction with your obstetrician and pediatrician to coordinate a healthy transition for you and your baby.

Our Mother-Baby Assessment Center is dedicated to both the health and well-being of mother and baby. St. Joseph Hospital is the only hospital in Orange County that provides this service. Our Center is also open to the community for post-partum resources such as breastfeeding help, post-partum mood and anxiety concerns, and parent support groups.

The Mother-Baby Assessment Center is located at 363 S. Main St., in Orange. Please call 714-744-8764 for more information.