Bridges for Newborns

Congratulations! A new baby is a joyous addition to your life. During the first few months after birth, you will probably have questions and concerns, particularly about your baby's good health.

St. Joseph Hospital is participating in Bridges for Newborns, one of four Early Action programs made possible by a grant from the Orange County Children and Families Commission. This grant aims to improve the health and welfare of children in Orange County.

The Bridges for Newborns program helps you link to a variety of family-focused assistance programs, including help in identifying important health insurance coverage options for your newborn. Our goal is to provide access to quality medical care for your baby, and help you give him or her a healthy start on life.

Whether you're pregnant or have a newborn at home, it's easy and cost-free to get involved in the Bridges for Newborns program at St. Joseph Hospital. You'll sign a consent form, and then a helpful case manager will complete a questionnaire with you, either at the hospital or at the Mother-Baby Assessment Center. All of the information that you provide is completely confidential. If it does become necessary to share your information with other providers, we will notify you first.

Postpartum Support

We also offer referrals if you experience any of the following concerns:

  • Breastfeeding support
  • Emotional problems, including anxiety, mood swings, depression or feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Family conflict due to domestic violence, drug abuse or other issues
  • Resources needed to care for your newborn

Our staff of case managers is very knowledgeable about the resources available to make life easier for many families in Orange County. Let us help you find the services you need. Call us at 714-771-8000 ext. 15033.