About Our Maternity Program

Perinatal Palliative Care

Expecting a new baby is a time filled with excitement, anticipation and hope for the future. However, for parents who have been given a prenatal diagnosis that their baby may be born with a serious medical condition, this can be a time filled with heartbreak and uncertainty. The St Joseph Perinatal Palliative Care team is here to provide support and education to these families during their pregnancy, delivery and aftercare.

Meet the Perinatal Palliative Care Team

The Program Coordinator admits the parents to the Perinatal Palliative Care (PPC) program, facilitates communication with the hospital staff, attends the perinatal conference at the hospital and coordinates the PPC team.

The Palliative Care Nurse is available to provide education and support to parents and family members to better understand their baby’s diagnosis and what to expect at the time of birth. She assists with the creation of a birthing plan that meets the needs of the parents and family. The nurse helps families navigate through the healthcare system during their pregnancy, delivery and after care.

The Clinical Social Worker provides psychosocial support and counseling to the family. The social worker assists parents in developing a birthing plan and offers referrals to community resources. The social worker also provides opportunities for the parents and family to participate in memory making.

The Chaplain provides spiritual support and collaborates with the parents to establish a care plan to meet the spiritual needs of all family members. The chaplain will help families find purpose and meaning in the lifetime of their baby. The chaplain is also available to facilitate blessings, baptism and other rituals.

The Music Therapist offers support through music and is available to assist family members in bonding with their baby and exploring their feelings regarding the birth and possible outcomes at the time of delivery.

St. Joseph Hospital is dedicated to embracing you and your family and helping ease your way. You do not have to walk alone.


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