Safety at Home

Yard Signs

Big bright storks, colorful welcome home signs, balloons and banners placed in front yards are a common way for new parents to announce the arrival of a new baby. Yet, these very public displays of endearment are not encouraged by hospitals, police departments, fire departments and even the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). To protect your baby, private information should be kept private, and not put on public display.


Baby safety is a big concern for new families. One key concern is providing a safe sleeping place for your newborn and always placing your baby on his back for every sleep time. A safe location for the baby during the first few months is in the same room with you, but not the same bed.


It is important to slowly introduce family pets to your new baby and always under adult supervision. Never trust an animal to be alone with your newborn.

Sibling Jealously

Another concern with a new baby is possible jealousy from older sibling. Involving older sister and/or brother will be very important. Sign up for the Big Brother/ Big Sister class to learn more about how to engage the sibling into the newborn’s care safely and avoid jealousy.

Childcare and After School Programs in Orange County

  • Boys and Girls Club provides free after school programs for child and educational services. 10540 Chapman Ave., Garden Grove, 92840. 714-530-0430
  • Readiness on the Road Offers “We Learn Together “classes for parents and children to implement success strategies in the home.
  • Lean Start nutrition education for parents and children ages 3-5 years to provide families with successful health habits.
  • Children's Home Society provides assistance with local child care and educational services. 714-456-9800;
  • Cops4kids provides after school programs for kids 6-17 that includes tutoring services and field trips. Cost is $10 per child for the year membership.