Who to call if you have questions

It is important that you have a full understanding of self-care and baby care prior to your discharge. Before you leave the hospital, ask your health care provider the following:

  • When should I schedule a follow-up appointment?
  • What medications should I be taking at home?
  • Which medications you should I avoid?

Ask your pediatrician:

  • When should I schedule my baby’s follow-up appointment?
  • Are there any specific concerns or situations I should be looking for?

If you have questions about your care, please call your OB.

If you have questions about your baby's care, please call your baby’s pediatrician.

Here are some additional contact numbers in case you have more questions after discharge:

  • Center for Maternal-Fetal Health: 714-744-8713
  • Sweet Beginnings, diabetic education program: 714-744-8661
  • Mother-Baby Assessment Center: 714-744-8764
  • Stork Stop Boutique: 714-744-8764
  • Perinatal Education, classes and support groups: 714-744-8764
  • Postpartum Depression/Mood Disorder Program: 714-744-8101
  • Labor and Delivery: 714-771-8246
  • OB Registration: 714-771-8000, ext. 13293
  • Mother-Baby Unit: 714-771 8000, ext. 18086
  • Birth Records: 714-771-8000, ext.12893
  • Bridges Maternal Childbirth Health Network: 714-771-8000 ext. 15033
  • St. Joseph Heritage Medical Group RN Hotline: 1-800 809-3555; weeknights: 5 p.m. - 7 a.m.; 24 hours on weekends and holidays