Fetal Kick Count

One of the best ways to keep track of healthy babies is to notice movements. Healthy babies are very active, especially in the morning or evening after you have eaten a meal. Healthy babies also have rest periods. Babies who may be having problems are sluggish and move less than usual. Notifying your doctor of a decrease in your baby's movements may help detect a potential problem.

You should begin counting your baby's movements daily at the beginning of the seventh month of your pregnancy (around 28-30 weeks) and continue until delivery. This is also something you can do any time you notice a decrease in your baby's normal activity. Remember that every baby's activity level is a bit different–only you can notice changes in your baby's movements.

Eat a normal meal, or drink or eat something sweet, which will increase the baby's blood sugar, therefore increasing the baby's activity. One hour after you eat, lie on your left side and count your baby's movements. The baby should move at least three times in 30 minutes or six times in an hour. If, after two hours, the baby has not met the criteria, please call your doctor that day.

Remember: Your baby will normally have periods when it's asleep, sometimes lasting as long as four hours; however, this period should not exceed four hours.

Date Time Number of Movements
Example: 1-1-08 6-7 p.m. 8