Nasal & Sinus Center

Balloon Sinuplasty

The St. Joseph Hospital Nasal & Sinus Center has introduced a new, outpatient procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty to open blocked sinuses. Safely, gently and effectively, Balloon Sinuplasty ushers in immediate relief for chronic sinusitis sufferers who have not responded well to medications and are hesitant to undergo major surgery. While recovery time varies with each Sinuplasty patient, many return to normal activities within 24 hours.

Previously, thousands of people have been frustrated with ineffective drug therapy but opt not to undergo a major nasal and sinus surgery that would involve pain, bleeding, general anesthesia and a lengthy recovery. Balloon Sinuplasty offers a new, minimally invasive solution.

Balloon Sinuplasty borrows from a heart procedure known as balloon angioplasty, which has been used successfully for several decades to opened blocked arteries. It is performed using small, soft and flexible devices that open blocked sinuses, in many cases without tissue, mucosal or bone removal. As a result, the need for uncomfortable nasal packing is also eliminated.

How It Works

The Nasal & Sinus Center surgeon carefully threads a flexible sinus guidewire through the nostrils to access the targeted sinus. A sinus balloon catheter is advanced over the sinus guidewire. It is gently inflated, then removed, leaving open passageways and restoring normal drainage and function.
Most insurance plans now cover Sinuplasty procedures. For more information about Balloon Sinuplasty please call the St. Joseph Hospital Nasal & Sinus Center at 1-800-973-NOSE (6673) or 714-744-8758. To view a Balloon Sinuplasty presentation by Robert del Junco, M.D., please click here.