Our Outcomes

Because St. Joseph Hospital believes in treating the whole person (body, mind and spirit), close attention is paid to every aspect of the patient’s experience. As a result, compared to national averages, St. Joseph Hospital’s clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction ratings consistently exceed expectations.

Because direct evidence of outcomes can be difficult to find, quality is partially measured by indirect evidence, such as volume of patients. Hospitals that treat a higher volume of patients have been shown to have better outcomes. In this category, St. Joseph Hospital’s busy – and growing - orthopedic caseload speaks volumes. In fact, St. Joseph Hospital performs more than 1,000 hip and knee replacements and 900 spinal surgeries each year.

St. Joseph Hospital presses on with process improvement programs in order to provide patients with "Perfect Care," a major initiative for 2008 and 2009. One of these programs, called Crew Training, was introduced to make a great surgical program even better. In 2008, more than 700 employees and 500 medical staff members completed a Crew Training course on teamwork and communications. Few hospitals offer such training, yet St. Joseph Hospital has made it a requirement for active medical staff and surgical personnel.