Patient Testimonials

Matt Keller

Matt Keller of Foothill Ranch was 35 years old and still playing competitive soccer when he sought treatment for pain in his hip. He was surprised to be diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his hip, a degenerative joint condition that would eventually require surgery. Three years later, the pain was constant and he had difficulty walking the soccer field to coach his son’s soccer team. He turned to St. Joseph Hospital orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steve Barnett, who performed the new anterior-approach hip replacement in August 2007.

Matt says that every day he’s feeling better. “Dr. Barnett is a great doctor, and the people in the hospital had nothing but good things to say about him,” says Matt. “The hospital and nurses were great.”

Judith Florman

Judith Florman of Santa Ana has had two hip replacement surgeries. Her right hip was replaced four years ago and her left hip earlier this year, this time using the anterior approach. Both surgeries were successful, but she describes the difference between the procedures as “amazing.”

Dr. Steve Barnett, an orthopedic surgeon at St. Joseph Hospital, performed both surgeries. Florman recalls, “The first time, I had a 8-inch incision and was in the hospital for five days. I had a lot of restrictions and couldn’t bend forward for fear I would dislocate my hip. I used a walker for the first two weeks, and then a cane for a few more weeks. The second time around I did a lot of research and learned about the anterior procedure, which was offered at a hospital in Los Angeles. I was planning to go there until I found out that Dr. Barnett at St. Joe’s was doing it.

“My recuperation this time was so much faster. I had the surgery on a Friday and that day the hospital staff had me walking stairs. I was home in 24 hours with almost no pain, using a cane. The following Tuesday I was attending a play at the South Coast Repertory, and I was driving two weeks later. If it weren’t for the four-inch incision scar, I would completely forget I even had the surgery. At age 72, I have a full range of motion. I lift weights and often walk four miles with no pain ... I highly recommend the procedure.”


Larry Lockwood

"They're like new knees. I was immediately mobile after the computer-assisted surgery, and fully recovered within six weeks. There was virtually no pain, too. Previously, knee pain had put tremendous limitations on my lifestyle. I had always been active, playing basketball and racquetball. With my knee pain, though, I was down to just walking for exercise. And, even that became too painful. I didn't want to put up with pain the rest of my life, so I chose the surgery. Now I walk just as well as I did before the knee pain. Dr. Barnett and the staff were great. Now I can't stop telling everyone what a great experience it was."

From L.S., Carlsbad

I wanted to commend your employees, Donald Rumenser and Larry Pangelinan.

Last November, a family member was in St. Joseph's for back surgery. Upon discharge, Donald and Larry went out of their way to help me in loading the car (and patient). I was so grateful for their help and appreciate the outstanding customer service. They truly went that extra mile to help someone in a time of need. Kudos to both and please extend to them my deepest thanks and sincere appreciation.

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