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Orange County Fall Prevention and Balance Center

The Orange County Fall Prevention and Balance Center is a comprehensive, collaborative balance program offering both audiology services from the Providence Speech and Hearing Center and physical therapy services from St. Joseph Hospital. The program includes the NeuroCom computerized dynamic posturography system.

The Fall Prevention and Balance Center provides effective, state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment for patients with a range of balance disorders stemming from neurological impairments, vestibular system deficits, dizziness and others. With the assistance of the NeuroCom Balance Master, the therapist designs individualized treatment programs to improve balance, reduce fall risks, limit dizziness and increase functional mobility resulting in fewer falls and an increase in quality of life.

There are four major components to maintaining balance:

  • Sense of touch, feeling and position (feet, ankles, joints)
  • Vision
  • Inner ear motion sensors (vestibular system)
  • Brain: integrates information from other senses and coordinates movements

Problems with the vestibular system include:

  • Feeling of having "dizzy spells"
  • Inner ear sensors tell us if we are upright or leaning, standing still or moving
  • Mismatched signals coming from inner ear to the brain result in feelings of dizziness
  • Can feel like lightheadedness, disorientation, spinning or "foggy feeling"
  • Other causes of dizziness: medication, blood pressure changes, circulatory, visual impairments, cervicogenic
  • Benign Positional Vertigo: This includes the feeling of spinning lasting seconds when laying down, bending forward, or rolling over in bed and occurs every time in that specific position. This can be easily remedied in the audiology or physical therapist office.

Click here for a self balance test to help determine if you may be headed for a fall. If you answer yes to any of the questions, talk with your doctor or call us for more information about balance disorders and available treatment options.

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