Sleep Disorders Center

Casey Van Lare, FNP-BC

I have been a registered nurse for about 25 years and have been fortunate to work in many different areas of nursing. As an RN, I've worked in hospital settings as a staff nurse in orthopedics, medical/surgical, oncology and outpatient services. I knew when I was in high school that I wanted to be a nurse and began volunteering at a local hospital. My passion for nursing was influenced by my dad, who was a pharmacologist.

During my pre-requisite nursing classes, I had the opportunity to talk with a nurse practitioner about her daily activities as well as her education and training. After speaking with her, I knew that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to see patients of all ages, different disease states and be able to influence and educate individuals about their health. As a nurse practitioner, I have experience in the asthma and allergy specialty, clinical trials and yearly assessments/home visits with seniors.

Recently, I have been specializing in sleep disorders with Dr. Peter Fotinakes at the St. Joseph Hospital Sleep Disorders Center. I have learned a lot and the caregivers at the Center have been wonderful teachers and mentors. I enjoy my job and find it very satisfying to help people get a better quality of sleep. Sleep is important part of our lives - our bodies need sleep just like we need air to breathe. In fact, a lack of quality sleep can contribute to both physical and mental health problems. I think it is important to speak with each patient about their medical and sleep history and make recommendations for ways to improve their sleep quality.

In my spare time outside of work I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, biking, traveling, watching movies, reading, cuddling with my cats, and spending time with my teenage daughter, friends and family.