Cancer Wellness Program

Living Well, Being Well; A Lifestyle for Cancer

The Cancer Wellness Program at the Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment is an important part of the comprehensive cancer care continuum. Our wellness team is passionate about improving and sustaining the health and well-being of our patients.

The Cancer Wellness Program addresses the “Four Pillars of Wellness” and their relationship to cancer.

Each pillar is intended to help reduce the risk of developing another cancer, decrease the chance of recurrence and increase survival rates.

The program is designed for cancer patients who have completed acute cancer care and entering into the survivorship phase of their lives. Each patient receives an evaluation and an individualized wellness care plan to support their overall health and well-being.

Bridging the Gap to Wellness

Our wellness team is equipped to help patients transition from a focus on cancer treatment to engaging in lifestyle activities that lead to a well-balanced, healthy and vibrant life. With years of experience, our wellness experts have developed strategies to inspire and educate patients on how best to overcome any obstacles, address their personal challenges, and reevaluate their personal goals as they balance essential wellness and lifestyle practices that contribute to their physical, emotional, spiritual and mindful well-being.

The Cancer Wellness Program offers:

  • One-to-one evaluations and wellness sessions
  • A sustainable individualized wellness plan designed with each patient’s priorities, vision, needs and goals to improve their overall health and well-being
  • Bimonthly “well-check” sessions to provide encouragement, support and guidance through the wellness plan.
  • Individualized circuit exercise training and access to group exercise classes

The Cancer Wellness Gym and Studio

The Cancer Wellness Gym and Studio is a pleasant environment that provides a safe and supportive space for patients to embark on their wellness journey, beginning with developing camaraderie and trust amongst other survivors and the wellness team. The wellness gym offers variety exercise equipment, free weights, pulley weight machines, as well as a dance exercise studio for group exercise programs.

Group Exercise Class Schedule

For more Information or to schedule an appointment please call, Cancer Wellness Navigator Janni Buaiz, MS, CWS, CHC, at (714) 734-6230 or email