Neuro-Oncology Program

Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT)

During radiation therapy, either the patient or the internal organs may move, causing a risk of missing the tumor. Additionally, patients may lose weight while in therapy, which can alter the radiation dose.

Image guided radiation therapy, when combined with intensity modulated radiation therapy, helps the radiation oncology experts at The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment properly account for changes as small as 2mm, enabling them to deliver radiation with pinpoint precision. IGRT technology is performed using cone-beam CT (3-D image of the patient) to verify the treatment area and the tumor location.

These detailed images allow the radiation oncology team to see the exact location and shape of the tumor once the patient is on the treatment table. This means that the patient (and most importantly, the tumor) is in the exact position necessary and remains in the same position throughout the treatment.

Advanced imaging capabilities built into the system allow therapists to position patients for treatment with unparalleled, pinpoint accuracy. The system even compensates for any tumor movement that occurs as a patient breathes, a process known as Respiratory Gating.

The sophisticated technical capabilities provided by IGRT and cone beam CT enable our clinical experts to deliver high-quality radiation, contributing to superior clinical outcomes and improved quality of life for patients.